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    Help employees work smarter

    Research shows that 70% of employees spend up to 15 minutes per day searching for a free meeting room. Interact Office uses the lighting infrastructure and real-time occupancy data to guide employees wherever they need to go, whether it be the coffee machine, an open desk, a free meeting room, or just an uncrowded area of the office.

    And the workspace app puts this power into the hands of your employees. Help them be more efficient with their time, enable physical distancing, enhance productivity and boost employee engagement.

    The Interact Kiosk and Workspace Application are digital communication channels that create an engaging workplace experience while empowering employees to work smarter. Personalization of the workspace can help employees be more efficient and productive by enabling them to tailor their space to the task at hand.

    Building on data from the lighting infrastructure, the Workspace app can help employees locate the nearest facilities based on availability, find and book meeting rooms on the go, and adjust lighting based on preferences. Combined with hyper-accurate indoor navigation, the Interact Office Workspace app enables people to find their way around the office simply by checking their device.

    The Kiosk offers similar capabilities, but in a static station that can be accessed by everyone using the building. Ensure deliveries make their way to their destination and employees and visitors find their desired location quickly and easily.


    Give employees control over their environment

    Boost productivity and improve engagement by giving employees control over their environment. The Workspace app allows employees to choose the right lighting levels for their task at hand and control the lighting via the app, avoiding potentially high-touch areas like light switches. A satisfied, engaged workforce also helps to strengthen your corporate brand and attract talent.

    Guide employees and visitors where they need to go

    Both the Workspace app and Kiosk help people get to where they need to go quickly and easily. The Workspace app uses hyper-accurate indoor navigation enabled by sensors in the lighting infrastructure, helping employees find an open desk, book an available meeting room, or quickly navigate to the nearest coffee machine or printer. The Kiosk offers a digital floorplan and allows users to check availability and book rooms.

    Combat overcrowding and ensure distancing measures are enforced

    As people return to the office, the Workspace app and Kiosk can be used to guide employees to less crowded areas of the building or enable them to reserve a meeting room or desk ahead of time, either on-site via the kiosk, or via the app from the office or home.

    How the Workspace app works

    The Interact Workspace app works by using real-time data generated by Interact Office lighting infrastructure. The data is shared via the connected lighting network and is used by the application to enable features that help employees enhance their productivity and improve their engagement with the work environment.
    Interact Workspace App animation

    The Workspace app and Kiosk work together with the following software capabilities:

    Interact Office Indoor navigation icon

    Indoor navigation

    Use your lighting infrastructure and sensors to support productivity with wayfinding and location-based services.
    Interact Office Space management icon

    Space management

    Capture and analyze building occupancy data to understand how your office space is being occupied and used over time.
    Interact Office Environmental monitoring

    Environmental monitoring

    Remotely monitor and manage environmental conditions across your offices to optimize conditions for employee comfort and well-being.

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      With smart office lighting enabled by Interact Office management software, office buildings can gain valuable efficiencies while offering a more productive and comfortable working environment.

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