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    Lighting management

    Illumination and beyond

    When your lighting system is connected, you can manage it much more easily and effectively. See real-time data on your entire lighting system’s status and operations from an easy-to-use dashboard. With sensors embedded in the luminaires or added to the system, you can collect detailed data from the illuminated environment, giving you actionable insight that takes your lighting beyond illumination.
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    Manage wherever, whenever

    With the Interact IoT platform running in the cloud, you can manage and monitor individual light points, groups of light points, or your entire system remotely. Check operational status, switch and dim, schedule, and troubleshoot from anywhere with an internet connection, at any time. With a complete picture of your lighting operations, you can tailor your lighting and energy outputs to meet your specific requirements, optimizing operational performance and reducing costs.
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    See all lightpoints, energy consumption, occupancy and foot traffic patterns, and more. Lighting system data is stored in the Interact IoT platform in the cloud. Analyze and report on historical data to discover trends and gain new insights that you can use to maximize energy and operational efficiency to help you move toward your sustainability goals. Sensor data can be used in a similar fashion to improve business processes, hotel guest experiences, and city services.
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    Adapt and scale

    Start small—with street lights in a single neighborhood or the office lighting on a single floor of your building, for example—then scale as your plans and budgets dictate. Easily configure and reconfigure your system as your lighting needs grow and change—whether you want change to your workplace or store layout, add new areas to your street lighting grid, or change the display on a building façade. You have complete control.
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    Be sustainable, be secure

    Minimize energy use and hit sustainability targets through monitoring, reporting, and analysis of real-time and historical energy usage. Conserve energy and move toward sustainable operations with a range of efficiency features, including dimming schedules, light harvesting, and presence detection. Your data is fully protected thanks to robust user authentication procedures and award-winning cybersecurity measures.
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    Join the connected ecosystem

    Open, secure APIs enable you to share real-time and historical lighting data with other connected systems to build a smart ecosystem. APIs and other tools also allow third-party software developers to enrich the Interact platform by creating new apps and integrations that use Interact commands and data.

    Lighting management at work

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    • Streamline operations with centralized management of all lighting in a building
    • Improve sustainability with energy savings of 80% or more
    • Create smart workspaces by distributing IoT applications throughout illuminated spaces
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    • Make your city safer, more beautiful, and more efficient with centralized management of all street and façade lighting
    • Radically reduce lighting-related energy consumption to support climate action goals
    • Build a smart city ecosystem by integrating connected lighting with other smart city systems
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    • Configure and reconfigure lighting to keep store layouts fresh
    • Optimize floorplans with data on occupancy and traffic patterns in store
    • Authorize staff to commission luminaires, removing reliance on specialized engineers
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    • Reduce operating costs with managed, energy-efficient lighting
    • Improve safety and increase uptime with high-quality, reliable light
    • Future-proof your enterprise via the Interact connected infrastructure
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    • Remotely manage all roadway lighting for driver safety and comfort
    • Optimize tunnel lighting to improve visibility and avoid the black hole effect
    • With connectivity in place, you’re ready to become a highway of the future
    Interactive sports lighting



    • Ensure a superior fan experience with elite, reliable field lighting
    • Flexibly deploy and change façade and stadium lighting for different events
    • Give full, secure lighting control to managers of recreational facilities
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    • Centrally manage all guest room lighting for more insight
    • Give guests fingertip control of their room lighting for comfort and relaxation
    • Create ever-changing full-color light shows for concerts and other events

    Discover what lighting management can do for you

    • Smart office lighting – Emera Place

      Smart office lighting – Emera Place

      Connected IoT lighting with Interact Office software, has delivered a flexible and scalable solution to Emera Place; providing insights from data to streamline operations and optimize space requirements and usage.

    • Delivering more than just light to Pilkington’s new warehouse

      Delivering more than just light to Pilkington’s new warehouse

      Interact delivers smart lighting to help optimize Pilkington Automotive’s new warehouse facility.

    • Connected bridge lighting – San Francisco Bay Bridge

      Connected bridge lighting – San Francisco Bay Bridge

      The LED lighting sculpture with remote monitoring over Interact Landmark software had such a broad social and economic impact on the Bay Area that the temporary display became a permanent part of the skyline.

    How an Interact system works

    Man looking at dashboard on computer screen
    Interact systems consist of Interact software, connected luminaires, and optional Signify services.

    Connected LED lighting from Philips

    Staircase in a hotel lobby
    Interact systems work with energy-efficient, flexible, professional LED lighting from Philips.

    Customized services from Signify

    Manager giving employee instructions
    Lighting services tailored to your specific needs ensure that your assets are managed effectively.

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