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    Lighting management for retail

    Act on insights to streamline store operations

    With Interact Lighting management, you don't have to choose between operational efficiency and putting your merchandise in the best possible light. Save energy, optimize store layouts, and better understand shopper behavior with data-driven visualizations and insights.
    A supermarket worker with a red apron, looking at a shelf of food, holding a tablet

    Increase efficiency

    With centralized management of your lighting, you can get a fuller picture of how your store is operating. Use the insights visualized on the Interact dashboard to cut lighting in lesser-used areas or set dimming patterns to improve efficiency and reduce costs.
    A rustic fruit and vegetable isle in a supermarket

    Keep your store layout fresh

    Configure and reconfigure the lighting in your store to keep layouts new and exciting. Monitor and manage the performance of certain lighting scenes and distinct zones in-store for insights into how they are affecting sales.
    A woman smiles as her daughter places a cabbage in her own shopping cart

    Go green

    Demonstrate your store’s sustainable credentials and reduce costs through data-driven insights. Access to real-time and historical data reveals trends that you can use to direct lighting where and when it’s needed. Set energy targets and track your progress, adjusting usage as needed.
    Three managers of a supermarket all looking down smiling at a tablet

    Share responsibility

    Create profiles to easily allocate permissions. Restrict or grant users access only to certain areas of your store. Single sign-on enables your team to securely login with their existing username and password. Simple tools help you manage users with ease.
    An inside view of a contemporary supermarket

    Adapt and scale

    Start small and scale as your plans and budget dictate. Start by monitoring and managing the store interior or a specific section, then seamlessly add to or reconfigure your system any time as your lighting needs grow and change.

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    See what Interact can do

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      Connected lighting in the retail market: a white paper

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      Smart supermarket lighting – Globus

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