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    Create the future of shopping today

    Produce attractive and sustainable retail spaces, trigger specific consumer behaviors through zoning and light recipes, and deliver location-based offers to shoppers on their smartphones. By offering a seamless and convenient shopping experience, you’ll increase brand recognition and loyalty, enjoy repeat business, and ultimately increase footfall and profits. Have multiple locations? Not a problem. Interact can centrally manage the lighting in one site or multiple sites—it’s completely up to you.
    Young girl shopping for vegetables with her mother

    Enhance the customer experience

    With the rise of online shopping, consumer expectations are at an all-time high. With Interact connected lighting, you can create in-store experiences that offer access and convenience not available online. Specially designed light recipes show off your products on the shelves and in shop windows, and can extend the shelf life of certain foods on display.
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    Achieve operational excellence

    Visible light communications (VLC) uses the beams of LED light to create an indoor positioning grid that can pinpoint customer locations using their smartphones. Enhance the shopping experience with wayfinding and other location-aware capabilities. Analyze in-store traffic patterns over time to optimize store layouts. Use the insight gained to deliver lighting when and where it’s needed, improving energy efficiency.
    A man controlling his store environment via a tablet

    Control multiple sites

    Control scenes, set dimming schedules, and monitor performance and energy usage across all of your stores, saving time and ensuring a consistent experience. Instantly roll out new lighting schedules to the locations of your choice. Compare the CO2 emissions of sites to better understand how to bring all of your locations up to the level of your most efficient.

    What you can do with Interact

    Lighting management icon

    Lighting management

    • Monitor and manage all your store lighting centrally
    • Zone lighting to create different experiences around the store
    • Get daily status reports and recover from faults quickly
    Scene management icon

    Scene management

    • Display promotional items in the best light
    • Use specific light recipes to preserve fresh food
    • Keep your store looking fresh with scene scheduling
    Energy optimization icon

    Energy optimization

    • Monitor energy consumption in real time and over time
    • Optimize lighting schedules to maximize energy efficiency
    • Achieve energy savings of up to 80% over conventional lighting
    Indoor navigation

    Indoor navigation 

    • Direct shoppers to the items on their shopping list
    • Enhance the shopping experience with personalized in-store promotions
    • Optimize store layouts with heat maps of traffic patterns in store
    Multisite management icon

    Multisite management

    • Compare energy usage across multiple sites
    • Roll out company-wide changes to lighting scenes instantly
    • Install updates across each of your locations via a central dashboard

    Discover how you can create value with Interact

    • Castorama - A bright future for shopping within reach

      Castorama - A bright future for shopping within reach

      Need help finding that one product in a store which offers over 35.000? Castorama, as the first DIY retailer in the world, responded to this challenge by introducing Interact Retail Indoor navigation.

    • When a store is more than a store

      When a store is more than a store

      Brick and mortar retail is creatively adapting in response to new consumer modes, needs, and desires. Find out more in our this smart retail trend report.

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