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    Get the most out of your building

    Now more than ever, your buildings have to be smart, connected, and flexible. For one thing, your employees expect it—especially as hybrid work styles become more and more common. And to keep pace with the competition, your buildings need to be responsive, personalized, safe, and climate-friendly. At the same time, you have to keep operating costs low, and justify your expenses. A scalable Interact connected lighting system is your answer.
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    Make the green switch

    LED and connected lighting offer one of the simplest and most overlooked paths to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Switching to connected LEDs in buildings can quickly reduce the built environment’s lighting-related energy consumption by up to 80%. In addition, connected lighting helps to build the digital infrastructure that is so crucial for the adaptability, optimal operation, and efficient maintenance of lighting—making your buildings safer, healthier, and better able to respond to future challenges when they arise.
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    Insights for the perfect workspace design

    Capture and analyze building occupancy data to understand how your office space is being occupied and used over time, then use the insights you gain to create a workspace that meets the needs of your business. Real-time occupancy data, accessible through a kiosk or smartphone app, can advise employees where to work, avoiding overcrowding and maintaining proper social distancing. Good space management also means that you can potentially lower your real estate costs without compromising workplace efficiency or employee engagement.
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    Find your way to an amazing workplace experience

    Real-time indoor location data of your floorplan lets employees find free meeting rooms or available desks, or even to book them before getting to the office. Eliminate the time wasted searching for conference rooms, quickly locate colleagues wherever they are in your building, and direct employees to resources and locations to maximize your workplace’s responsiveness and efficiency. Give employees the ability to personalize the lighting over their desks using visible light communications paired with a smartphone app.
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    Create your smart building ecosystem

    Published APIs and an open systems approach let you integrate Interact connected lighting with other service systems in your building, such as window shading, HVAC, and resource booking, as well as with building automation and control systems such as BACnet. An ecosystem approach is widely recognized as the most effective way to realize the full potential of smart buildings. By sharing data, commands, and controls with other systems, connected lighting can become a key component of your smart building environment.

    What you can do with Interact

    Lighting asset management icon

    Lighting asset management

    • Centralized monitoring and management of all your lighting assets
    • Remote diagnostics allow for planned preventive and swift reactive maintenance
    • Always stay current with automatic firmware and software updates
    Lighting management icon

    Lighting management

    • Manage all lighting assets in one building or your entire portfolio
    • Improve sustainability with energy savings of 80% or more
    • Create smart offices by distributing IoT applications throughout illuminated spaces
    Scene management icon

    Scene management

    • Easily switch lighting scenes to create multiuse spaces
    • Set lighting schedules to deliver the right light at the right time
    • Enhance well-being by supporting personalized lighting control via a smart phone app
    Bio-adaptive lighting icon

    Circadian lighting

    • Use evidence-based lighting recipes to maximize employee safety, satisfaction, and well-being
    • Energize staff and enhance performance by supporting the body’s circadian rhythm
    • Let employees choose the lighting recipes that are right for them
    Energy optimization icon

    Energy optimization

    • Set an energy consumption baseline to quantify system energy savings
    • Use daylight harvesting and occupancy detection to improve energy efficiency
    • Gain detailed insight into energy consumption across your entire portfolio
    Indoor navigation

    Indoor navigation 

    • Allow employees to locate resources, colleagues, and available workspaces using a mobile app
    • Use real-time occupancy data to gain insights into employee work patterns
    • Encourage social distancing and other measures designed to support employee well-being
    Space management icon

    Space management

    • Reduce real estate costs by understanding how much space you really need
    • Use insights into space usage to make space more convenient and user-friendly
    • Keep employees safe by maintaining social distancing and maximum occupancy levels
    Environmental monitoring icon

    Environmental monitoring

    • Remotely monitor your office environment to create ideal working conditions
    • Get real-time data on temperature, relative humidity, noise levels, occupancy, people counting, and daylight levels
    • Offer appealing and healthy working conditions to improve employee satisfaction and reduce absenteeism
    Environmental monitoring icon

    Space analysis

    • Collect actionable data to optimize building systems and improve tenant      well-being
    • Create an attractive building for potential tenants
    • Support your mission to achieve healthy building standard certification

    Help employees work smarter

    Workspace app on mobile phone
    Ensure your employees can find an empty desk and help guide them to uncrowded areas of the office. The Workspace app and kiosk puts the power in the hands of your employees, helping to keep them safe and engaged.

    Discover how you can create value with Interact

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      The big shift in workplace “presence”

      As workplaces are reimagined post-pandemic, the idea of “presence” will change. Kasia Maynard and Jeremy Myerson of knowledge network WORKTECH Academy explain.

    • Open APIs that make a real difference – Q42

      Open APIs that make a real difference – Q42

      Interact Office, the LED-connected lighting system, is a great basis for building applications that contribute to a pleasant work environment and lead to better performance in the workplace.

    • Smart office lighting – Emera Place

      Smart office lighting – Emera Place

      Connected IoT lighting with Interact Office software, has delivered a flexible and scalable solution to Emera Place; providing insights from data to streamline operations and optimize space requirements and usage.

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