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    Working in a world of difference at Q42


    The Netherlands

    Interact Office, the LED-connected lighting system, is a great basis for building applications that contribute to a pleasant work environment and lead to better performance in the workplace. Just ask internet bureau Q42. They use the Interact Office API to create a work environment that is fully tailored to their employees’ preferences. Those preferences vary per person, and per team.

    As a software developer, I am delighted by IoT systems – like Interact Office – when they are fully customizable with an API. It opens up so many opportunities for a smart working environment. We can go completely wild on expanding functions and linking multiple IoT systems together.”

    - Herman Banken, Developer working on Philips Hue cloud infrastructure at Q42

    Customer challenge

    With a workforce of 80 employees at locations in Amsterdam and The Hague, Q42 develops apps, websites, connected devices, games and voice assistants for such clients as KLM, PostNL, Talpa, Mazda, the Dutch Lottery, Rijksmuseum and NTR broadcasting. The focus is on the end user, with the aim of achieving the greatest possible impact. Q42 also makes the Philips Hue cloud infrastructure.

    Interact Office and the Internet of Things

    Interact Office makes efficient use of the rapidly growing Internet of Things. Sensors built into lighting fixtures constantly collect and share data, which can then be integrated into software applications via the API environment provided by Interact Office. This provides an infinite source of inspiration for building applications that make users happy.

    The Interact Office API: working on applications that make a real difference.

    As technology becomes more closely aligned with what people want, it also becomes more interesting. The very best applications emerge naturally through actual practice, not by building something on behalf of the users, but by building something alongside them, or even in collaboration with them.


    Intended audience

    The rapidly growing open API environment provided by Interact Office is excellent for software developers seeking inspiration, and who want to build applications that make a difference for users.


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    What can Interact Office do for your business?

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