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    Multisite management

    Manage lighting across all of your sites and locations

    Enjoy the full scope of Interact capabilities across all your buildings, retail stores, or industrial facilities, from anywhere in the world. Enjoy total freedom and flexibility by managing lighting scenes, performance, scheduling, and energy consumption across multiple, geographically distributed sites. Monitor multiple sites from a single dashboard for a fully formed and easily digestible picture of your operations. Make changes based on data-driven insights to maximize productivity, reduce expenses, and improve your bottom line.
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    Save energy across all your properties

    Multisite management makes monitoring energy usage simple by letting you view and compare energy consumption across all your sites on a single dashboard. Keep track of energy costs and sustainability goals and make changes accordingly—to a single site, a single luminaire, or all your locations at once. By seeing which sites are performing well and which are falling short, you can make tangible changes with measurable impacts, improving cost and operational efficiency.
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    Manage the scene as you see fit

    Plan, schedule, and trigger scenes and lighting schedules across all your sites to enhance brand identity, celebrate national holidays, or participate in special events. Roll out changes easily and consistently to keep all of your properties in sync—saving you time and effort.
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    Enterprise-wide flexibility and control

    Easily adjust your lighting to account for changes in business or stocking hours across multiple retail locations. Adapt lighting schedules to the specific workflows of your respective offices and industrial facilities to optimize employee productivity and energy efficiency.

    Multisite management at work

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    • Manage lighting scene and performance across multiple, distributed sites
    • Gain insight into energy usage across all sites on a single dashboard
    • Make real-time, data-driven changes to improve performance and reduce costs
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    • Manage and schedule lighting based on data across all your sites to maximize efficiency
    • Monitor your energy usage and meet sustainability goals
    • Tailor lighting and energy usage to each site’s specific needs
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    • Increase brand consistency by comparing and matching lighting in all store locations
    • Analyze performance across all your sites and make data-driven changes accordingly
    • Gain insight into energy usage across all sites on a single dashboard

    Discover what multisite management can do for you

    • Smart supermarket lighting – Globus

      Smart supermarket lighting – Globus

      Globus supermarket was able to improve stopping power, increase dwell time and grow sales with soft pastel up-lights enabled by Interact Retail Scene management software.

    • Smart supermarket lighting – Albert Heijn XL Eindhoven

      Smart supermarket lighting – Albert Heijn XL Eindhoven

      See how Albert Heijn has reduced energy costs with smart lighting enabled by Interact Retail software, while delivering a superior, engaging in-store experience for customers.

    • The connected office is sustainable

      The connected office is sustainable

      Part 2 of a three-part series details how connected systems can help business achieve their sustainability goals, including zero carbon operations.

    How an Interact system works

    Man looking at dashboard on computer screen
    Interact systems consist of Interact software, connected luminaires, and optional Signify services.

    Connected LED lighting from Philips

    Staircase in a hotel lobby
    Interact systems work with energy-efficient, flexible, professional LED lighting from Philips.

    Customized services from Signify

    Manager giving employee instructions
    Lighting services tailored to your specific needs ensure that your assets are managed effectively.

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