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    Unlock the untapped potential of your next lighting project


    Interact is the connected lighting brand of Signify. By bringing lighting together with data and the IoT, Interact enables its customers to create spaces that adapt to their needs, making them more efficient, connected, and sustainable.


    Do you design connected lighting systems or work with software integration within smart cities and buildings? Then becoming an Interact partner allows you to tap into new customer opportunities and revenue streams. By working together, we can grow together.

    Interact: connected IoT lighting systems for your business or city

    What can we do for your business?

    Do you want to enrich your next lighting project, and bring value to your customers that goes beyond illumination? Becoming a Certified System Integrator (CSI) for Interact allows you to leverage our scalable, cloud-based IoT-ready connected lighting infrastructure. Not only that, you’ll have access to the entire suite of benefits of the Interact IoT platform and software portfolio.


    Our Certified System Integrators receive:

    User and device managnment
    User and device management for connected systems, luminaires, and sensors
    Storage processing data
    Storage and processing of the data created by Interact systems
    Devolper portal
    Enriched lighting propositions with APIs from either us or third party and access to our Developer Portal
    Interact custom dashboard
    Access to the Interact Custom Dashboard, a personalized hub for managing your installation

    Even more value for your customers

    Distinguishing yourself from your competitors is no easy task. Becoming a CSI helps you create value for your customers, building trust and forging long-lasting relationships. Here are some more ways we’ll help you deliver that value:
    Intergration possibilities
    Scalable infrastructure enabling new integration possibilities
    Diverse ecosystem of partner
    Access to a diverse ecosystem of partners
    New customer segments
    Introduction to new customer segments
    Collecting through lighting
    The ability to analyze data collected through lighting
    Data analytics and reporting
    Innovative ways to grow your revenue
    On-hand technical support from the best in the business, real-time and historical data insights, and an opportunity to create more revenue streams will help you level-up from being one of the crowd to a key player in your market.

    Multiple brands, one shared goal

    As part of the Signify offering, Interact is compatible with other brands. Being a CSI gives you the opportunity to certify for numerous Signify brands, including Philips, Color Kinetics, and Dynalite.
    Philips Logo

    Our global brand in professional and consumer lighting


    The Philips brand stands for quality and energy-efficiency in light. For over 125 years, Philips lighting products have been at the forefront of innovation and is today recognised as the leading brand in lighting.


    Go to the Philips website

    Color Kinetics Logo

    Our global brand in dynamic architectural lighting systems


    Color Kinetics delivers professional LED lighting systems in a wide range of types, form factors, and output levels — empowering lighting professionals around the world to achieve their unique visions.


    Go to the Color Kinetics website

    Philips Dynalite

    Our global brand in connected lighting control solutions


    Philips Dynalite has empowered smart buildings across the globe for over 35-years with its suite of connected lighting control solutions. More than just lighting control, the Dynalite System offers all the powerful integration tools you need to bring your next project to life.


    Go to the Philips Dynalite website

    Visit the Signify partner page to learn more about the program and apply for your membership

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