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    Make your city a smart city

    Interact IoT lighting from Signify can help make your city smarter by streamlining city services, improving citizen safety, beautifying public spaces, and supporting social equity. By radically reducing lighting-related energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, Interact puts your city on the path to becoming fully green and sustainable. You can reinvest the cost savings from your lowered energy needs in other projects that allow you to realize your smart city vision. Interact is the recognized leader in connected street lighting, with successful installations in over a thousand cities around the world.
    Streetlight luminaires

    Improve lighting performance

    Manage, monitor, and control all of your street lighting, façade lighting, and public indoor lighting remotely via map-based dashboards. Data-rich automated fault notifications make outage scouting a thing of the past, reducing repair times from days to hours. Real-time and historical sensor data offer actionable insight on activities and trends in the illuminated environment.
    Aerial shot of London bridges at night

    Optimize energy efficiency

    Optimize street lighting performance and measure energy usage in real-time, helping you lower costs, track energy usage, and achieve your city’s sustainability and climate action goals. Simply switching to LED lighting can cut lighting-related energy consumption and CO2 emissions in half. By managing your city lighting with Interact, you can push energy savings to 80% or more.
    IA Sensors City

    Enable smart city applications

    Your connected lighting system can host sensors and wireless communications to elevate your city’s smart network. The Philips Outdoor multisensor complies with the Zhaga-D4i interface standard for smart luminaires. Sensing capabilities include ambient noise, temperature, street light tilt and impact, and radar motion detection. When used with an Interact connected luminaire, data collected by the sensor is stored for analysis and shared with other smart city applications.
    Busy traffic road with city skyline at night

    Build an ecosystem

    Interact is scalable, open, and future-ready, so you can integrate it with other smart city systems and grow your platform according to your budget and needs. By creating a smart ecosystem with solutions from several partners and suppliers, you will enhance city responsiveness improve resiliency, and ensure that your city is ready to take on new technology and innovations as they become available.
    High angle night view of the Bund in Shanghai
    Image credits: Kristine Hinrichs

    Strengthen city identity

    Breathe new life into your city by bringing the power of connected lighting to bridges, monuments, and building façades. Dynamic architectural lighting helps create a unique identity for city, makes public spaces more appealing, and has been proven to increase tourism and revenue for local businesses. Remotely monitor, manage, and control dazzling public lighting displays from any browser or mobile device.

    What you can do with Interact

    Lighting asset management icon

    Lighting asset management

    • Remotely monitor all street lighting assets from a comprehensive map-based dashboard
    • Automatic, data-rich fault notifications make outage scouting a thing of the past
    • Scale seamlessly with automatic commissioning via the cellular network
    Scene management icon

    Scene management

    • Manage the entirety of your street lighting through a single intuitive dashboard
    • Turn lighting up in the event of a crime or accident, or in busy pedestrian areas
    • Improve maintenance efficiency with automatic fault detection, immediately alerting you to any outages
    Energy optimization

    Energy optimization

    • Monitor energy consumption in individual luminaires, selected areas, or an entire city
    • Maximize energy efficiency with dimming schedules, constant light output, and other measures
    • Optimize street lights’ power factor to minimize waste and reduce demand on the power grid

    Discover how you can create value with Interact

    • Smart Street Lighting NY and Interact

      Smart Street Lighting NY and Interact

      NYPA will replace 500K street lights in NY state with connected LEDs by 2025. Interact City transforms these systems into a platform for smart city deployments.

    • The Bund, Shanghai, China

      The Bund, Shanghai, China

      The transformation of the Bund, Shanghai, was Signify’s largest ever implementation of connected architectural lighting.

    • Smart lighting delivers energy savings and improve operational efficiency

      Smart lighting delivers energy savings and improve operational efficiency

      New street lighting improved illumination levels and safety on roads in Pune. 80,000 halogen lights were replaced with LED, controlled by Interact City.

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