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    Connected lighting
    transforms Pune

    Pune, India

    Pune in India transformed its street lighting systems by installing new LED luminaires, as well as remote group control and monitoring through Interact City. The project was fully self-financed, with funding generated through energy and maintenance cost savings.

    Our vision is for Pune to become a smart city, transforming the lives of residents by the use of technology. We are not only replacing the streetlights with LED, but also controlling them centrally.”

    - Kunal Kumar, IAS, Commissioner, Pune Municipal Corporation

    Customer challenge

    The city of Pune lies in western India, where the Rivers Mula and Mutha meet. The historic location is now popular on the tourist trail and also home to approximately three million residents. Conventional street lights were producing a burden of high cost and energy consumption. At the same time, planners were keen to tackle uneven light levels and inconsistent maintenance. A new road lighting solution was proposed to reduce expense and streamline operations.

    A fully self-financed lighting project with group monitoring

    This public-private partnership was the first of its kind in India and is fully self-financed through the energy savings and reductions in maintenance costs brought about by LED technology. There is no financial burden on Pune Municipal Corporation or the citizens of the city in Maharashtra, India.

    In addition to replacing 80,000 halogen lights with energy-saving LED luminaires, we ensured that all the street lighting was remotely connected and could be monitored and controlled from a single Command & Control room through the Interact City system.

    The Interact City system allows authorities in Pune to dim groups of lights through a unique patented technology. Dim commands are broadcast over the mains power supply to the LED luminaires, overcoming all the challenges associated with conventional voltage step dimming and two-way powerline communications technology. Remote monitoring can also be used to identify faulty streetlights. Automatic fault notifications are sent via SMS to registered mobile devices, minimizing downtime.

    What’s more, citizens are able to provide feedback via a mobile app or call a toll-free number with complaints about road lighting or luminaires that are not functioning properly, which initiates an immediate response from the operations team.

    The result of this ambitious installation has been overall improvement in street lighting levels, reduction of downtime and reduced energy consumption. System performance is also remotely monitored centrally through Interact City system.


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    How can Interact City help you achieve your sustainability goals and become a smart city leader?

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