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    Unlock the potential of the Internet of Things

    Disruption is an opportunity


    Digitization and connectivity are transforming the places where we live, work, shop, travel, and relax. But how can you take advantage? Our IoT insights can help. Industry experts, influencers, and technology partners offer a bold vision of how the IoT is enabling cities and businesses to become healthier, safer, more efficient, and more sustainable.

    Leading analysts and researchers agree that security is among the top challenges facing the IoT today. With so much connectivity and data flowing through so many interconnected systems, how do you keep everything secure?

    Is the IoT scalable for your business?

    Data driven tech is changing the rules

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    How the new industrial revolution will make our world more sustainable—not less

    Sustainability now!

    With Industry 4.0, “circular manufacturing" will displace linear manufacturing models, making our relationship with the environment more harmonious and less exploitative.
    • Apps for citizen engagement – do they work?

      Apps for citizen engagement – do they work?

      IoT- enabled apps are providing new opportunities for citizens to participate in the way their cities are run and to shape their environments for the better.

    • Lighting for well-being in industry

      Lighting for well-being in industry

      What kind of lighting do workers need to ensure safety, comfort, and the efficient completion of tasks? How might smart lighting management balance the needs of human users with the need to optimize energy savings and minimize costs?

    • 11 IoT trends to watch in 2020

      11 IoT trends to watch in 2020

      The IoT continues to solidify its position as one of the defining technologies of our time—and 2020 could prove its most auspicious year yet.

    • Asset tracking in the 4IR

      Asset tracking in the 4IR

      IoT-powered asset tracking is transforming industry. How can we build and manage industrial workspaces so that they're maximally safe and efficient? And make them maximally comfortable for the human beings who work in them?

    • Transforming production operations

      Transforming production operations

      With the IoT, automation, artificial intelligence, big data, and connectivity driving the 4IR, production operations will change—for the better.

    • Smart cities need multiple solutions

      Smart cities need multiple solutions

      If you feel overwhelmed by smart city complexities, there’s good news: integrating different technologies can deliver multiple benefits, many of which are achievable no other way.

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      Interact IoT lighting

      Find out more about how Interact IoT lighting software and systems can help you solve the biggest problems facing your business or city.

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      Customer stories

      Find out more about how our customers create value with Interact, across a wide range of professional lighting applications and around the world.

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