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    Unlock the potential of the Internet of Things

    Disruption is an opportunity


    Digitization and connectivity are transforming the places where we live, work, shop, travel, and relax. But how can you take advantage? Our IoT insights can help. Industry experts, influencers, and technology partners offer a bold vision of how the IoT is enabling cities and businesses to become healthier, safer, more efficient, and more sustainable.

    Leading analysts and researchers agree that security is among the top challenges facing the IoT today. With so much connectivity and data flowing through so many interconnected systems, how do you keep everything secure?

    Is the IoT scalable for your business?

    Data driven tech is changing the rules

    Featured articles

    Smart systems for a more resilient future

    Smart systems for a more resilient future

    What will it take to recover fully from the effects of COVID-19? IoT applications can put help us ride out this health crisis and better handle the next one.
    • New narratives in retail

      New narratives in retail

      When reconceiving the in-store experience, the sky is increasingly the limit. Our trend report surveys the new landscape.

    • Smart infrastructure webinar

      Smart infrastructure webinar

      In this June 2020 webinar, The Climate Group, Northeast Group, NYPA, and Signify discuss the current state of smart city infrastructure initiatives around the world.

    • When a store is more than a store

      When a store is more than a store

      Brick and mortar retail is creatively adapting in response to new consumer modes, needs, and desires. Find out more in our this smart retail trend report.

    • Next-generation retail

      Next-generation retail

      As demographically powerful younger generations come into their own, they’re transforming consumer experience and expectations. Our trend report gives details.

    • Smart buildings are strategic assets

      Smart buildings are strategic assets

      Michele Pelino, Principal Analyst at independent research firm, Forrester, talks about current trends in smart buildings and IoT-enabled workspace design.

    • Sustainability starts with a smart city ecosystem

      Sustainability starts with a smart city ecosystem

      Street lights are ideal for deploying IoT tech in a city. With a connected solution like Interact City, street lights can illuminate and create a ubiquitous, electrified smart city infrastructure.

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    • Interact IoT lighting

      Interact IoT lighting

      Find out more about how Interact IoT lighting software and systems can help you solve the biggest problems facing your business or city.

    • Customer stories

      Customer stories

      Find out more about how our customers create value with Interact, across a wide range of professional lighting applications and around the world.

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