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    Scene management

    Deliver the right light, whenever and wherever you need it

    Remotely monitor, control, and schedule the output of connected light points across your entire lighting system—whether they are street lights installed throughout a city, luminaires installed in the different areas of an office building, industrial facility, hotel, or retail store, or architectural lighting on a bridge, monument, or the façade of a building or sports stadium. Multisite options allow you to manage lighting across multiple properties in different locations.
    Woman using tablet to control lights

    Make the scene

    An intuitive dashboard provides an overview of your lighting infrastructure, enabling you to plan, schedule and trigger scenes and schedules from anywhere. You can control each light point individually or in groups or zones for complete flexibility. Group control is perfect for changing the lighting behavior in multi-use spaces in offices, hotels, and industrial facilities.
    Woman in lobby of multistorey office

    Power to the people

    Grant role-based permissions and access rights to individuals so they can perform clearly defined tasks via a cloud-based dashboard. For example, you can assign permissions and access rights can be different employees to ensure that different areas of a building are being monitored and managed by the appropriate personnel. You can also give office employees and hotel guests the ability to personalize the lighting near desks or in guest rooms using specially designed apps.
    Illuminated bridge in London

    Create a spectacle

    Cloud-based web apps make it easy to control architectural lighting on bridges, monuments, and building façades. You can start a preprogrammed light scene or show, select a new color and apply it to one or more zones, upload new lighting shows, and edit lighting schedules remotely to suit every occasion. Display team or brand colors, run annual scenes for festivals and holidays, or program special light shows for one-off events.

    Scene management at work

    Intersection road lighting



    • Manage the entirety of your street lighting through a single intuitive dashboard
    • Turn lighting up in the event of a crime or accident, or in busy pedestrian areas
    • Manage and trigger dynamic, full-color light shows to attract visitors and revitalize urban areas
    Employees walking in modern office



    • Create and program different scenes to support your different business activities
    • Set light schedules or dimming programs to deliver the right light at the right time
    • Enhance well-being by supporting personalized lighting control via a smartphone app
    Warehouse employee stood near cardboard boxes



    • Deliver the right light at the right time, ensuring worker safety
    • Set precise lighting schedules to support a variety of tasks
    • Dim lighting when not needed to move toward your sustainability goals
    Woman shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables



    • Display promotional items in the best light
    • Use specific light recipes to increase the shelf life of fresh food
    • Keep your store looking fresh with scene scheduling
    Busy highway at night



    • Maximize visibility and safety and create a great driver experience in tunnels
    • Adjust lighting in response to accidents or traffic
    • Set light schedules depending on season, weather, or time of day
    Interactive sports lighting



    • Activate pre-programmed lighting settings for training sessions or matches
    • Create standout light shows to enhance the fan experience
    • Flexibly deploy and change façade and stadium lighting for different events
    Woman standing at window in dimly-lit hotel room



    • Remotely monitor and control connected lighting points across your entire system
    • Enhance the guest experience by letting them design their own personalized scenes
    • Remotely manage and trigger light shows and displays

    Discover what scene management can do for you

    • Illuminating London's bridges for the world’s longest public art commission

      Illuminating London's bridges for the world’s longest public art commission

      Featuring artwork by world-renowned lighting artist Leo Villareal, the Illuminated River Project will become the longest public art installation in the world once complete.

    • The Bund, Shanghai, China

      The Bund, Shanghai, China

      The transformation of the Bund, Shanghai, was Signify’s largest ever implementation of connected architectural lighting.

    • Smart sustainable educational building – TU/e

      Smart sustainable educational building – TU/e

      Eindhoven Technology University has transformed Atlas, built in 1968, into a smart, sustainable educational building with a lower CO2 footprint.

    How an Interact system works

    Man looking at dashboard on computer screen
    Interact systems consist of Interact software, connected luminaires, and optional Signify services.

    Connected LED lighting from Philips

    Staircase in a hotel lobby
    Interact systems work with energy-efficient, flexible, professional LED lighting from Philips.

    Customized services from Signify

    Manager giving employee instructions
    Lighting services tailored to your specific needs ensure that your assets are managed effectively.

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