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    Scene management for transportation

    Improve road safety and travel experiences

    Guarantee road safety and traffic flow with lighting you can manage, monitor, and control remotely—whether it’s an individual light point or an entire highway. Streamline operations, maintenance, and energy efficiency, and pave the path for the highway of the future. In airports, create inspiring, relaxing, and dynamic experiences for passengers and staff with distinctive lighting scenes.
    A highway network at night time from the sky

    Prioritize safety

    Increase road safety by delivering the perfect level of roadway illumination based on local conditions. Integrate with emergency systems to instantly increase light in the event of an accident. Keep roadways reliably lit with automated fault detection and alerts for rapid repairs in case of failures or outages.
    A worker controlling lighting infastructure from a control room

    Enhance operational and energy efficiency

    Streamline your highway lighting operations with centralized system management. Create lighting schedules, controlling whole roadways, groups of light points, or even individual lights to maximize performance while minimizing energy consumption and costs. Ensure rapid response to failures via data-rich notifications, eliminating the need for manual scouting.
    An overhead shot of NanPu birdge, China at night

    Create the highway of the future

    Targeted, reliable lighting keeps traffic moving, helping improve commerce while significantly reducing carbon emissions. Use your connected lighting system as the infrastructure for deploying smart capabilities throughout your highway network. It is the perfect platform for environmental sensors, wireless communications, and a multitude of other future-ready solutions.
    A lounge at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam

    Enhance airport experiences

    Deliver the right experience for passengers and employees throughout your airport, creating unique brand experiences and clearly defined zones. Use distinct light recipes to create an inspiring and relaxing interior, from stylish retail spaces to calming waiting areas. Help passengers find terminals, baggage, ground transportation, or food.
    A night shot of LAX airport

    Build and strengthen brand identities

    Stand out through façade lighting that helps foster a unique identity and transforms your airport into a landmark. Reinforce the different brand identities of your retail and concession partners, sponsors, advertisers, and airlines to further strengthen your business relationships.

    More Interact capabilities for transportation

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    Lighting asset management

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    Lighting management

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    Energy optimization

    See what Interact can do

    • Smart lighting and highway mobility: 5 wins

      Smart lighting and highway mobility: 5 wins

      Like earlier revolutions in how people get around, smart mobility will change how work gets done, how economies and geographies are structured, and much else.

    • Smart lighting – Gran Canaria Highway

      Smart lighting – Gran Canaria Highway

      Gran Canaria has upgraded the lighting system of the island’s most important highway, known as GC-1.

    • The Port of Antwerp accelerates towards operational excellence

      The Port of Antwerp accelerates towards operational excellence

      The Port of Antwerp has become far more safe and sustainable thanks to Interact City and connected LED lighting, allowing for more focus on driving strategic objectives.

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