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    A safer and more
    sustainable port

    The Port of Antwerp


    Interact City was installed at The Port of Antwerp to help site managers achieve their sustainability goals while enhancing operational efficiency. 

    Our focus is on strategic objectives such as safety and security, operational excellence, sustainable growth, mobility and transition. Interact City and LED lighting help us in achieving these goals.”

    - Peter Melis, Senior Technical Project Manager, Port of Antwerp

    Customer challenge

    As the continent’s second largest port, the Port of Antwerp plays an important role in the European economy. All eyes will be on it in the coming years as it focuses on sustainability, safety and digitalization. With the help of Interact City, the Port of Antwerp wanted to become the first port in the Benelux with a connected lighting system.

    Interact City contributes to a sustainable future

    The operation began in 2018. Old gas discharge lamps made way for an energy-saving Interact City system comprising 1,300 Digistreet connected LED luminaires. The network was completed in mid-2019, and configured in close consultation with the Port of Antwerp. By employing open APIs, Interact City is now fully integrated with the port’s existing monitoring system.


    The combination of connected LED lighting and Interact City software delivers considerable savings on energy costs. The Port of Antwerp has equipped its luminaires with a double set of connectors. By connecting plug-ins, environmental conditions — such as motion, traffic and noise — can be measured anywhere. Interact City turns the lighting network into the backbone of the port’s smart infrastructure. This helps to create a smart, sustainable port area that is in line with stakeholders’ wishes for achieving operational excellence.


    The Port of Antwerp also wants to maintain an energy efficient working environment for its users in accordance with ISO 50001, and Interact City helps to meet this goal. Luminaire performance can be tracked online by port management. Faults are prevented or detected rapidly, so that action can be taken immediately. The Port of Antwerp also opted for LED to ensure safe traffic signals. Under gas discharge lighting, signaling colors such as red, orange or green can appear different, whereas they retain their true color with LED lighting. In addition, various dimming profiles ensure that the lighting in each port area is on at the right time, with the right lumen intensity.

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