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    Give your guests the gift of smart lighting

    Manage your lighting to deliver an enhanced experience for your guests and attendees while improving staff efficiency and energy savings. Connected LED lighting delivers dynamic, mood-enhancing lighting scenes in guest rooms, restaurants, concert halls—wherever you need it.
    Interact integrates with HVAC, property management systems, and other services in hotels and other hospitality venues, giving real-time visibility on one intuitive dashboard to streamline operations and improve guest services. Circadian lighting improves guests’ mood, experience, and overall well-being.
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    Make your guests comfortable

    Use evidence-based lighting recipes at different times of the day to support your guests’ natural circadian rhythms and improve their well-being. Create natural wake-up experiences, automatically dim lighting in the evening before bed, and provide low-level illumination at night to permit orientation while minimizing sleep disruption. Let guests personalize their experiences by selecting the unique lighting scenes that they prefer.
    Hotel room control panel

    Lead the sustainable charge

    Monitor your energy usage from a single intuitive dashboard to move toward your sustainability goals. Reduce energy consumption in guest rooms by turning down systems when rooms are unoccupied. Automatically turn off heating or air conditioning when a balcony door or window is left open.
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    Show your venue’s best self

    Monitor, manage, and program dynamic architectural lighting. Impressively illuminate your hotel or venue façades by triggering distinctive light shows in one or multiple locations, from anywhere in the world. Create a distinctive, recognizable façade that can attract customers, strengthen brand identity, and make your property stand out from the competition.

    What you can do with Interact

    Lighting asset management icon

    Lighting asset management

    • Manage and monitor your hotel lighting through a single dashboard 
    • Create robust asset inventory and repair logs, track hardware changes and system performance 
    • Recover quickly from faults and outages with automated alerts
    Scene management icon

    Scene management

    • Remotely monitor and control connected lighting points across your entire system
    • Let guests personalize their room lighting for comfort
    • Remotely manage and trigger light shows and displays
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    Circadian lighting

    • Enhance guest comfort and relaxation
    • Create unique atmospheres for crowds and performers
    • Make waking up easier with sunrise lighting
    Energy optimization icon

    Energy optimization

    • Monitor energy consumption and move toward your sustainability goals
    • Use occupancy sensors and presence detection to improve energy efficiency
    • Optimize temperature set points for eco-conscious guests

    Interact hospitality ecosystem partners

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    To further enhance the guest experience, manage energy consumption, and maximize operational efficiency, Interact works with industry leading partners such as property management, access control, and housekeeping systems.

    Discover how you can create value with Interact

    • Dynamic light shows create a night to remember

      Dynamic light shows create a night to remember

      Novotel Da Nang chose Interact Hospitality connected lighting to deliver striking light shows, transforming the hotel facade in to an after-dark landmark.

    • Hotel Pillows Anna van den Vondel

      Hotel Pillows Anna van den Vondel

      Interact and Certified System Integrator Tovèrli Lighting & Control Solutions teamed up to transform guest services in Hotel Pillows Anna van den Vondel Amsterdam.

    • Enhancing the guest experience

      Enhancing the guest experience

      With Interact Hospitality, Swissotel The Stamford in Singapore can personalize the guest experience while increasing staff efficiency, saving energy, and meeting sustainability goals.

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