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    Lighting management for transportation

    Take control of your lighting for safe and efficient roadways

    Smart mobility requires comprehensive system management. With Interact, you can monitor, manage, and control your entire roadway lighting network remotely. Take comprehensive control on a lightpoint-by-lightpoint basis or manage in clusters, by roadways, or however best suits your requirements. Increase driver safety on highways and in tunnels, save energy, and create the connected infrastructure you can build on for the future.
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    Enhance efficiency

    Maximize the efficiency of your lighting operations and maintenance. Monitor every light point on your roadways or in your tunnels. Set lighting schedules that minimize lighting-related energy use, act on fault notifications to eliminate the need for manual scouting, and get ahead of the game with preventive maintenance.
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    Improve driver safety

    Improve the safety of your roadways with remote, real-time system monitoring. Identify faults and outages and schedule maintenance efficiently from the intuitive Interact dashboard. Lighting specifically designed for tunnels eliminates the “black hole” effect at tunnel entrances and improves roadway safety inside.
    An overhead view of a highway running through the city, at night

    Become a highway of the future

    Interact Lighting management gives you total control of your lighting infrastructure, with data on every stretch of road and every individual light point. Access data from anywhere in the world, any time, via the Interact dashboard. Embrace digitalization and make your highway part of a smart transportation infrastructure.
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    Reduce costs

    Access energy-based data on lighting usage and make adjustments to hit efficiency targets, cutting costs and improving your sustainability record. Manage and monitor lighting in groups, zones, or individually to track luminaire performance and energy consumption.

    More Interact capabilities for transportation

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    Lighting asset management

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    Scene management

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    Energy optimization

    See what Interact can do

    • Intelligent transport relies on connected lighting

      Intelligent transport relies on connected lighting

      Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) are changing the way we move and move things around the world. Smart roadway lighting has an important role to play.

    • The Port of Antwerp accelerates towards operational excellence

      The Port of Antwerp accelerates towards operational excellence

      The Port of Antwerp has become far more safe and sustainable thanks to Interact City and connected LED lighting, allowing for more focus on driving strategic objectives.

    • Smart lighting – Gran Canaria Highway

      Smart lighting – Gran Canaria Highway

      Gran Canaria has upgraded the lighting system of the island’s most important highway, known as GC-1.

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