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    Connected lighting transforms an iconic waterfront

    The Bund

    Shanghai, China

    With 37 buildings at the Bund, three bridges and over 40 buildings in the Pudong financial district undergoing a significant transformation, this project was Signify’s largest ever implementation of connected architectural lighting.

    When you can control each light point individually, you can create a scene. It opens up a whole bunch of opportunities in the future.”

    - Uno Lai, CEO, UNOLAI Design Group

    Customer challenge

    The Bund, an iconic waterfront area that runs along the western bank of the Huangpu River, is famous for its warm lighting which highlights the facades of the buildings along it. City authorities wanted to maintain this effect, without the inconsistency and maintenance issues that come with low-pressure sodium lamps. An energy-efficient alternative was also desired for the Yangpu, Nanpu and Xupu bridges, but installation time was severely limited due to the roads being open 24/7.

    Complete control over connected lighting

    Tunable white LEDs were installed on the Bund’s buildings, allowing lighting designers to change color temperature and lux to highlight architectural details and maintain the waterfront’s identity. These light points are all accurately controlled using Interact Landmark Scene management software, enabling instant scene changes.


    The same can be said for the lighting on the bridges. Individual control means stunning light shows can be created, while Interact Landmark Lighting asset management software allows site owners to remotely monitor the status of each luminaire and plan maintenance accordingly.


    The project has meant that the bridges, the Bund and the Pudong district are awash with clear, bright, controllable color, bringing a unique identity to a prestigious city while still meeting energy efficiency goals.


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