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    Illuminated River 

    Illuminated River – The World’s Longest Public Art Commission

    London, UK

    A public artwork, unique in its vision and scale, unites nine of London’s iconic bridges with dynamic, connected lighting.


    Main image: Final Design Concept © Leo Villareal Studio

    What we are doing now, in partnership with Signify, to transform the bridges and riverfront, is groundbreaking. We are using dynamic, energy-efficient LED lighting for the first time on nine London Bridges with Signify’s Interact Landmark connected lighting system to create public art on the largest scale ever seen.”

    - Sarah Gaventa, Director, The Illuminated River Foundation


    Southwark Bridge © Leo Villareal Studio

    Customer challenge

    The aim was to create a holistic strategy to light up central London’s bridges, giving a multi-level visual experience viewed by pedestrians on the bridges, from London’s riverbanks, from the air, from tall buildings and by boat.”


    Cannon Street Railway Bridge © Leo Villareal Studio


    The project was conceived by internationally acclaimed artist Leo Villareal and British architectural practice Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands. It was technically realised by lighting design and consultancy company, Atelier Ten and delivered by the Illuminated River Foundation. The artwork has been sensitively developed, paying attention to heritage, wildlife and the built environment. It is a transformation that celebrates the role that the Thames bridges play in the enduring global identity of London and encourages people to enjoy the river and riverside at night.


    Color Kinetics LED luminaires have been used to light up the bridges with dynamic, artistic lighting effects. In addition, the connected bridge lighting is remotely monitored and managed via Interact Landmark. The software will detect and manage faults and perform remote diagnostics and maintenance, improving asset management and thereby reducing costs.

    Top Facts:

    1. The Illuminated River project is the world’s longest public art commission at 2.3 miles in length.
    2. Westminster and Lambeth bridges are designed with colours of green and red respectively, reflecting their political importance and proximity to the upper and lower Houses of Parliament.
    3. London Bridge: there’s been a bridge on or near this site since medieval times.
    4. Millennium Bridge is London’s first new pedestrian bridge for over a century and was envisioned as a “blade of light” across the Thames.

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    What can Interact Landmark do for your city?

    • Connected bridge lighting – San Francisco Bay Bridge

      Connected bridge lighting – San Francisco Bay Bridge

      The LED lighting sculpture with remote monitoring over Interact Landmark software had such a broad social and economic impact on the Bay Area that the temporary display became a permanent part of the skyline.

    • Smart bridge lighting - Big River Crossing

      Smart bridge lighting - Big River Crossing

      The Harahan Bridge and adjacent Big River Crossing boardwalk illuminate the sky with new dynamic LED lighting powered by Interact Landmark software.

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