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    Space management for offices

    Make your space work for you

    With detailed data on how your space is being used, you can optimize workspace layouts, right-size your real estate footprint, support employee safety, and run a more efficient operation.
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    Reduce real estate costs

    With real-time and historical data on occupancy rates and space usage, you can understand how much space you really need. Especially in the age of home and hybrid-working, you can potentially reduce your overhead by adjusting your real estate footprint.
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    Make the most of your space

    Design your office floorplans according to business needs and employee preferences or trends that emerge from occupancy data. Making more efficient use of your space can boost productivity and make navigating the office more convenient and user-friendly.
    Businesswoman using a digital tablet during a late night at work

    Ensure employee safety

    Keep employees safe by maintaining social distancing and applying maximum occupancy guidelines. Insights into space usage patterns let you know which areas need more regular cleaning, helping to keep employees healthy and safe.
    Businesswoman using a digital tablet during a late night at work

    Schedule services intelligently

    Schedule building support services more intelligently to save on spending. Knowing which meeting rooms have gone unused in a day means you don’t have to service them, reducing operational costs. Proactive space management allows you to run a smooth, employee-considerate, cost-effective operation.

    More Interact capabilities for offices

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    Lighting asset management

    Lighting management icon

    Lighting management

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    Scene management

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    Energy optimization

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    Multisite management

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    Indoor navigation

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    Bio-adaptive lighting

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    Environmental monitoring

    See what Interact can do

    • Honeywell’s office integrates people and technology

      Honeywell’s office integrates people and technology

      Thanks to Interact connected lighting, the staff at Honeywell’s Katowice office enjoy a more comfortable and efficient working environment.

    • Smart office lighting – Emera Place

      Smart office lighting – Emera Place

      Connected IoT lighting with Interact Office software, has delivered a flexible and scalable solution to Emera Place; providing insights from data to streamline operations and optimize space requirements and usage.

    • Occupancy-based management – Citaverde College Heerlen

      Occupancy-based management – Citaverde College Heerlen

      With Interact Office software and system architecture, Citaverde can gain new insights from the connected lighting system.

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    Join our developer community for access to open APIs and other development tools. You can create personal assistance apps, integrate with building management systems, analyze collected data for new insights, and much more.

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