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    A smart future for education

    Citaverde College

    Heerlen, The Netherlands

    Imagine if you knew precisely how many people are in your school buildings and classrooms at any given moment. How useful that would that be? You could plan educational activities accordingly. Make choices based on real numbers instead of vague assumptions. Interact Office makes it easy to do all this and more.

    It’s often difficult to gain insight into the use of spaces in all your buildings. Interact Office changes all of that. After using it at our location in Heerlen, in the Netherlands, we’re ready to roll it out in our other buildings too.”

    - Ivo Dassen, Head of Facilities Management, Citaverde College

    Customer Challenge

    Citaverde College is part of a system of secondary schools with multiple locations across the south of the Netherlands. The schools face two major challenges: fluctuating enrollment figures and the need to run the schools efficiently to deliver cost savings. Citaverde wanted a solution that could help it achieve its goal of attracting and retaining students and managing its buildings and spaces as effectively as possible.

    Occupancy-based management

    Schools benefit from collecting hard data. It provides a firm foundation for gaining practical insights and using those insights to make the right choices. That’s why Citaverde identified Interact Office as the ideal solution – the software and system architecture collects data from the connected lighting system and provides unique, actionable insights that improve businesses.They knew that Interact Office could help facilities managers at the schools to use buildings and classrooms more effectively while reducing energy usage and lowering CO2 emissions.


    Almost every light point in Citaverde College’s schools is equipped with sensors that detect daylight and presence. If there’s nobody around or there is adequate natural light, the lights stay off – the lighting only switches on when necessary. By sharing data collected via smart sensors embedded in the lighting infrastructure, with the Interact Office software dashboards, the school also gains relevant hard data about its building and classroom occupancy. The intuitive dashboard shows where extra savings can be made in real time (for example, by identifying opportunities to reduce heating or cleaning costs). This enables effective management of daily processes.


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