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    Environmental monitoring for offices

    Help employees to feel healthy and safe

    An Interact connected lighting system can serve as an infrastructure for distributing various kinds of sensors throughout the lit environment, letting you monitor and respond to factors such as heat, humidity, daylight, carbon dioxide levels, and more. The result is a healthier, more comfortable, and more efficient workplace.
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    Improve staff well-being

    Employees are more conscious and concerned than ever before with their workplace well-being. Office workers want to feel secure, safe, and supported. Through data collected via sensors embedded in your connected luminaires, Interact lets you monitor and manage workspace light levels, occupancy, temperature, humidity, and more.
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    Optimize working conditions

    Distracting noises can reduce staff productivity by around 60%. Being too hot or too cold also has a considerable impact. Quality lighting, on the other hand, can enhance productivity by up to 23%. Optimize your workplace conditions and create an environment in which your employees can thrive.
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    Act on data insights

    Use data insights to make important decisions about day-to-day operations. Do people tend to gather in a specific part of the office? Put more desks there. Do your meeting rooms get too hot in the afternoon? Schedule air conditioning to come on automatically.
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    Create future-proof offices

    Employees have a desire to work for forward-thinking companies that accommodate their needs and embrace the latest technology and innovation. Improving staff well-being and optimizing your office’s environmental conditions will increase your chances of attracting and retaining talent.

    More Interact capabilities for offices

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    Lighting asset management

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    Lighting management

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    Scene management

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    Energy optimization

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    Multisite management

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    Indoor navigation

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    Space management

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    Bio-adaptive lighting

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