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     A brighter future for shopping is within reach


    Poznan, Poland 

    Castorama, the leading DIY and construction retailer in Poland, decided to enhance the customer journey and take the shopping experience to a whole new level by offering Interact Retail Indoor navigation. 
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    In the first five months, the navigation feature in the app was used more than 10.000 times. This result shows how greatly our clients need it. We are proud that we are one of the first brands to significantly improve our customers’ comfort.”

    - Tomasz Stefanowski, Web Development Manager, Castorama

    Customer challenge

    Today, customers want to shop quickly and preferably all in one place, so large retailers who offer a multitude of products are fast becoming industry leaders.

    However, the scale of many giant stores can make shopping difficult. When customers can’t find what they want, they either ask staff for help, or leave without purchasing anything. Castorama — the leading DIY and construction retailer — has come up with a solution to enhance the customer journey and take the shopping experience to the next level.

    The power of indoor navigation

    How can you help customers find their way around a store with 35,000 products? Castorama answered this question with Interact Retail indoor navigation, an indoor positioning solution that customers can access via an in-store smartphone app.

    In addition to functioning as an in-store navigation system similar to Google Maps, the app displays information about the store’s products. Customers can find quick and easy routes directly to the exact products they are looking for.

    The app also provides location guidance that improves restocking productivity and workflows, especially for new staff members.

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    What can Interact Retail do for your store?

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