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    Connected lighting in the retail market

    The competitive advantages of connected technology

    The retail landscape has evolved in recent years with the growth of online shopping. This growth has allowed grocery and large retailers to extend customer exchanges beyond in-store shopping. This trend was further driven by the coronavirus pandemic: The pandemic led to reduced opening hours, restrictions on the number of people allowed in brick-and-mortar stores, and concern over safety of indoor exposure to the virus.


    Among other effects, the pandemic has led to an increased amount of spending in a decreased amount of time. This shift has created many challenges for the retail segment, especially brick-and-mortar retailers that have had to adapt quickly to handle the increase of purchases with an influx of online shopping combined with the need for pickup and delivery options. The importance of an omnichannel retail approach has become more apparent than ever before.


    Grocery and large retail have been forced to adapt to the evolving landscape, accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic. Customer expectations have shifted with the influx of online shopping and brick and-mortar retailers have been required to provide an omnichannel experience while improving a store’s operational efficiency. Improving the shopping experience not only provides superior services to customers but also improves operational efficiencies for retailers. Many retailers have already implemented networked lighting, but there are opportunities in upgrading to connected lighting solutions and utilizing its benefits.


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