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    Indoor navigation for retail

    Revolutionize the store experience


    Interact Indoor navigation helps make shoppers’ in-store experiences as engaging and personalized as their online experiences. Give customers step-by-step instructions on how to find what they want as quickly and painlessly as possible, and offer them the help they need whatever their location in your store. All while gaining insight into store traffic patterns that you can use to make your layout as effective as possible.

    Side view of woman holding juice bottles at refrigerated section in supermarket

    Put customers first

    Let shoppers locate products or services in store and navigate to them directly through Interact-enabled retail apps. Shoppers can upload a shopping list before their visit, get guidance while in store, and even call store personnel to their location rather than having to seek them out.
    Business owner at a hardware store working on his laptop

    Optimize your store layout

    Design your store layout around findings from occupancy data that analyzes shopper traffic patterns, offering fresh insights into how your store is used. With an optimized layout, you can increase upselling, maximize your store’s attractiveness and effectiveness, and eliminate dead spots.
    Woman holding smart phone with aisle-side promotion on screen in supermarket

    Push aisle-side promotions

    Personalize the customer experience by sending shoppers relevant promotions while in store. Use the gathered data to analyze the effectiveness of your in-store marketing campaigns.
    Store owners discussing over tablet

    Drive profits

    Adjust key product locations based on occupancy insights that inform you which areas of your store enjoy the greatest footfall, placing items with the highest value in prime areas, or showcasing items that may soon be expiring to minimize waste.
    Asian woman on smart phone shopping for frozen food in grocery store

    Entice shoppers

    With the rise of online purchasing, shoppers now expect a seamless customer experience across all touchpoints, whether digital or physical. That means making your brick-and-mortar store at least as informative, interactive, and responsive as your online platform. Give shoppers a reason to visit with Interact Indoor navigation.

    More Interact capabilities for retail

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    Lighting management

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    Scene management

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    Energy optimization

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    Multisite management

    See what Interact can do

    • Castorama - A bright future for shopping within reach

      Castorama - A bright future for shopping within reach

      Need help finding that one product in a store which offers over 35.000? Castorama, as the first DIY retailer in the world, responded to this challenge by introducing Interact Retail Indoor navigation.

    • Shopping in a new light with “Find my product” app

      Shopping in a new light with “Find my product” app

      The introduction of Interact Retail Indoor navigation integrated in the ‘Find my product’ app can now efficiently help shoppers to find everything they need.

    • Personalized shopping experience – aswaaq, Dubai

      Personalized shopping experience – aswaaq, Dubai

      Find out how Dubai retailer aswaaq and its customers benefit from the Interact Retail Indoor navigation via the store’s customer app.

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