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    See shopping in a new light with "Find my product" app

    Albert Heijn

    Hoofddorp, the Netherlands

    With Indoor navigation integrated in the ‘Find my product’ app, Albert Heijn Hoofddorp, can now efficiently help shoppers to find everything they need, enhancing the shopping experience and avoiding lost sales.

    This technology truly offers infinite possibilities.”

    - Steven de Kroes, Format developer Albert Heijn

    Customer Challenge

    Albert Heijn is committed to making grocery shopping and cooking easier for customers. This can be a challenge if customers can’t find all the products on their list. Independent research* conducted with 1,000 Dutch shoppers found that 14% occasionally cannot find products when shopping. This relates to many different products, not just a few items they only occasionally buy or are poorly-placed. And although 75% of those shoppers would eventually try to find those products themselves, 44% would still leave store having bought at least one product fewer than planned for.  What Albert Heijn needed was a solution that would help shoppers to find every product quickly and easily


    *CG Research commissioned by Signify. October 2018


    Our solution connects the Interact Retail Indoor navigation system to Albert Heijn’s product data base in one app, making it possible to locate every item that is sold in the store with a hyper-accuracy of 30 cm/1 ft.

    Each light point in the store sends a unique code that is captured by the front camera of a smart device, providing the location of the shopper and combining that with the location of the product. Customers can then follow a dynamic route on a digital map that takes them to the product using the shortest route to the shelf.


    The system also provides retailers with location analytics such as dwell time, footfall and density helping them to improve business and marketing initiatives.


    Interact – shopping made simple

    The “Find my product” app harnesses the power of connected lighting in the store by using the Interact Retail navigation system to create a dynamic locations system. Qualitative research* shows the app is highly appreciated with a high usage intention. The most important benefits mentioned by users are the convenience of being able to find a product, the speed of finding a product versus searching or asking, and being independent from others to find it. Shoppers really appreciate the app, 84% gave it a "thumbs up."


    *Research by PAM research & advice, commissioned by Signify, October 2018


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