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    Lighting management for industry

    Enhance safety and efficiency in your facility

    Pressures on industrial facilities include digitalization of the business segment, increased ecommerce activity, and net zero initiatives—all of which mean that warehouses and manufacturing facilities need to become as efficient as possible. Lighting accounts for a meaningful percentage of costs, energy consumption, and emissions. Interact Lighting management helps you keep all of these as low as possible.
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    Increase lighting efficiency

    Reduce operating costs with managed, energy-efficient lighting. Monitor and manage all your lighting and energy usage through an easy-to-use dashboard. Use the gathered insights to learn how to streamline your operations and execute more effectively.
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    Future-proof your facility

    Digitalization helps keep industrial facilities competitive, especially with the pressures of increased reliance on ecommerce and the need to keep costs and emissions down. A managed connected lighting infrastructure lays the foundation for data-driven capabilities now and in the future, so you're ready to take on new innovations as they become available.
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    Prioritize safety

    Worker safety is of the utmost importance in any facility. Interact Lighting management helps provide it with precision management of your lighting that prolongs system uptime, offers greater reliability, and streamlines maintenance procedures so your staff aren’t working in conditions that put them at risk.
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    Embrace sustainability

    Lighting management supports sustainability with insights into how your facility is used so that you can set lighting behavior to minimize energy consumption. Dimming schedules and automated lighting minimize lighting usage in lesser used parts of your facility. Set energy targets, track your progress, and adjust as needed.
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    Adapt and scale

    Start small—managing lighting on a single floor of your facility, for example—then scale as your plans and budgets dictate. Easily configure and reconfigure your system as your lighting needs grow and change.

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