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    Lighting management for cities

    Take control of your city lighting

    The days of maintenance crews having to trawl round your city in a panel truck, eyeballing streetlights from the ground are long gone. Connected lighting gives you remote, dashboard-based visibility into all your public light points, from anywhere at any time. Remote management of your lighting streamlines monitoring and outage detection, and allows you to switch, dim, and otherwise control your public lighting down to each individual light point. Scalability lets you start connecting your public lighting wherever and however you need, adding more light points and capabilities as needed.
    Belfast city hall at night, illuminated with purple and orange lighting

    Move your city forward

    Improve your city’s operational efficiency and streamline city services with centralized management of your street and façade lighting. Set lighting schedules that improve citizens’ lives, such as aiding with traffic flow or beautifully and inventively illuminating buildings, bridges, and monuments at night.
    A woman looking out of a modern glass building to see a green natural landscape

    Lead the sustainable charge

    Radically reduce lighting-related energy consumption in your city. By monitoring and managing your lighting usage on a citywide scale—and setting lighting and dimming schedules based on real-time and historical insights— you can realize significant energy savings that can help you meet your city’s climate goals.
    A woman holding her child, looking up at the city lights at night

     Enhance civic safety

    Access to lighting data across your entire city for the insights you need to make improvements, such as increasing lighting in crime-ridden areas or dangerous stretches of road. Illuminate parks at night to make citizens feel at ease, and repair faults and outages quickly to minimize disruption and ensure lighting uptime.
    A highway section of Buenos Aires at night

    Adapt and scale

    Start with a single street or a limited area of your city and then scale up as needed. Easily configure and reconfigure your system as your lighting needs grow and change. You have complete control of your entire city through the Interact dashboard.

    More Interact capabilities for cities

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    Lighting asset management

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    Scene management

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    Energy optimization

    See what Interact can do

    • Smart Street Lighting NY and Interact

      Smart Street Lighting NY and Interact

      NYPA will replace 500K street lights in NY state with connected LEDs by 2025. Interact City transforms these systems into a platform for smart city deployments.

    • Three islands, one connected LED lighting system

      Three islands, one connected LED lighting system

      The Port Authority of Tenerife, El Hierro and La Gomera have been using the Interact City connected LED lighting system to improve efficiency, reduce their carbon footprint and provide better service to users.

    • Joint vision brings smart lighting to citizens – Rogaland, Norway

      Joint vision brings smart lighting to citizens – Rogaland, Norway

      Eleven towns in Rogaland, Norway have been transformed by installing 18,000 connected light points, managed and controlled remotely via Interact City.

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