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    Keep your employees healthy and comfortable

    Interact Office Environmental monitoring software and sensor bundles can monitor temperature at both the room and desk level, relative humidity and noise levels. Alerts as a result of fluctuations allow you to act immediately to ensure the optimal environment delivery for your employees. In addition, the sensor bundles monitor daylight levels and occupancy, as well as count the number of people in any given space, and are Bluetooth enabled to allow for indoor location services. By offering differentiated working conditions, you can create a healthy place to work and reduce absenteeism.  


    Data at your fingertips

    Poor thermal comfort control can lead to a 6% drop in staff performance when offices are too hot, and 4% when offices are too cold*. Collect data on temperature and humidity levels via sensor bundles embedded in the connected lighting system. Using the data collected, you can take corrective action when necessary.

    Reduce environmental related ailments

    Employee discomfort, ill health and reduced performance can be linked to poor environmental conditions. According to the World Green Building Council, good quality lighting can increase employee productivity up to 23%, and with added environmental monitoring capabilities, ailments associated with poor temperature regulation can also be reduced.

    Create the ideal working environment for employees

    Employees are one of the biggest investments for any business – keeping them comfortable and healthy is critical. Using real-time data from Environmental monitoring software ensures you can provide an environment that supports their well-being.

    Create the optimal environment for employee performance

    Employee performance can decrease by as much as 66%** when there is distracting noise, and it can take an average of 25 minutes to return to a task after an interruption. Track noise levels within your offices and use the data to advise employees on quiet areas for concentration, or livelier areas for collaboration.

    *Lan L. Wargocki P. Wyon DP. Lian Z. (2011) Effects of thermal discomfort in an office on perceived air quality, SBS symptoms, physiological responses, and human performance. Indoor Air 21:5, pp 376-90

    ** Banbury SP. and Berry DC. (1998) Disruption of office-related tasks by speech and office noise. British Journal of Psychology 89:3, pp 499–517

    How Environmental monitoring works

    Sensor slots inside LED luminaires can be equipped with temperature and humidity sensors to provide a cost-effective way of leveraging the lighting infrastructure to create a dense sensor grid.

    The sensors collect real-time data on the environment, which can be integrated with other building management systems such as HVAC to trigger direct environmental control. Data can be analyzed for further optimization of climate control systems.

    The sensors are smaller than a match box and are easily upgradable on-premise with a simple click and swap via the upgradeable sensor slot. This future-ready solution, unique to Philips professional office luminaires, means there is no need to remove the luminaire from the ceiling when it is ready for upgrade, but rather the sensors can be fitted from the front of the luminaire. This technology gives organizations the flexibility to upgrade performance as new technology becomes available, or when a new tenant would like to benefit from improved functionality. 

    Interact Office Environmental monitoring software animation
    EDGE has worked with Signify from the first disruptive power-over-ethernet LED in The Edge building, towards the latest innovation in Signify light infrastructure implemented in EDGE Olympic Amsterdam. Driving health and productivity of building users through technology. The extremely accurate localization and superior people counting capabilities allow us to optimize user experience and facility management in our buildings. The new environmental monitoring capabilities are an additional contribution to our employees’ wellbeing.” 

    Erik Ubels, CTO of EDGE.

    Open APIs 

    Share temperature and humidity data with third-party software applications or building management system using open, secure API.  Allow the environmental data collected via the sensors to trigger real-time control of heating ventilation and air conditioning throughout your building.

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