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    New apps for navigating the post-COVID-19 workplace

    A safe and smooth transition with Interact Office

    This webinar, hosted by Vasilis Paschos, director of data-enabled services and IoT solutions at Signify, details how COVID-19 is helping to drive the need for digital transformation in commercial buildings, how companies are responding, and how connected lighting can play an important role.

    Drivers for digital transformation, such as the increase in the number of millennials in the workforce, the desire to keep operational costs as low as possible, and the urgent need for emissions mitigation, continue to be important. In fact, pressures resulting from the COVID-19 crisis are accelerating these trends and adding new requirements. Flexibility—both in terms of when employees can work where they can work—is one example. Another is trust: maintaining high standards for employee health and well-being within the office environment will become a leading differentiator, and a means for attracting and retaining high-value workers.

    As businesses scramble to respond to the crisis and reimagine work life in the “new normal,” it is becoming clear that IoT systems, automation, and building services integration are necessary to ensure continuity and build resilience. The connected lighting infrastructure, which offers an ideal way to distribute IoT sensors and systems throughout illuminated spaces, is key for organizations to implement effective, scalable, and future-ready solutions.

    The webinar introduces several new capabilities and features within Interact Office, smart and sustainable IoT lighting software and systems from Signify. These include a new sensing platform that can collect a rich new range of data for insight and informed action, from occupancy and location to noise levels, temperature, humidity and more. Relevant software features include targets for monitoring space utilization and people density, an app for adjusting lighting via a mobile device to reduce contact with high-touch areas, and a workplace occupancy map that can indicate areas to visit or avoid based on real-time people density.

    Watch the webinar to learn about seven Interact Office capabilities that will help businesses and their employees navigate the post-COVID-19 workplace.

    About the presenter

    Headshot of Vasilis Paschos
    Vasilis Paschos is the director of data-enabled services and IoT solutions at Signify.

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