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    Creating engaging office environments

    Light for the heart, light for sight, light for the mind


    Recent years have seen a shift in approaches to office design. Purely functional workspaces have started giving way to spaces that are designed to engage and inspire. Employers are increasingly realizing that people represent not only their highest cost but also, and more importantly, their greatest asset. As a result, they have been focusing on workplace design as a way of attracting talent, retaining high-value employees, and enhancing organizational performance.


    Human resources professionals recognize that improving engagement is a powerful tool to get the best out of your employees. An engaging workplace environment fosters creativity, encourages innovation, and, maybe most importantly, increases commitment. Workplace studies and trend analyses identify key elements that contribute to building an engaged and satisfied workforce.


    This white paper investigates the important effects that lighting can have on the user (employee) within the office trinity: user, organization, and building. Our insights are supported with findings from the scientific literature to define the role that lighting can play in creating engaging environments that support productive organizations.


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    About the authors

    Profile picture of the author Adrie de Vries
    Adrie de Vries is a lighting application researcher at Signify. Over the past twelve years, he has studied the effects of lighting on building occupants from a lighting design perspective, and has focused on developing and designing solutions that fit their needs.
    Profile picture of the author Sanae van der Vleuten-Chraibi
    Sanae van der Vleuten-Chraibi is a user experience and lighting application researcher at Signify. Over the past eight years, she has conducted multiple activities exploring user needs and experiences. She focuses on the role of lighting in user well-being and satisfaction in working environments.

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