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Interact Office

Interact Office turns any office into a smart office


Improve productivity with Interact Office software and system architecture to help employees find free meeting rooms or an available workspace and personalize lighting. Then use the data to see where and how people prefer to work, opening your eyes to countless savings and efficiency gains. Simply install connected lighting with embedded IoT sensors and use Interact Office software to increase building efficiency and space optimization to create a sustainable smart office.

Case study: The Edge

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Case study: WaterPark Place

Toronto, Canada

Case study: Albertslund

Copenhagen, Danmark

What is possible

lighting management

Lighting asset management and energy optimization


Improve building efficiency by monitoring and managing light points remotely across one or many office locations. Centralized control and software simplifies lighting management through real-time data monitoring of energy consumption, scheduling, remote fault detection and predictive maintenance planning.

scene management

Scene management


Create a better office environment with connected LED lighting and scene management software that lets you set light schedules or dimming programs, use daylight harvesting or light recipes for concentration and brainstorming. Also enhance employee well-being by supporting individually personalized lighting via a smart phone app.

space management

Space management


Space management software draws on data collected over the connected lighting system to create a smart workspace that’s more efficient and productive. You’ll also be able to capture and analyze building occupancy data to optimize space and reduce real estate costs over time. And release meeting rooms that have been booked but aren’t being utilized.

indoor navigation

Indoor navigation


Never waste time searching for the coffee machine or the IT Help Desk again, and easily locate the nearest free workspace or meeting room. This customizable app lets staff locate scanners, meeting rooms – and more. It works using hyper-accurate indoor navigation technology embedded in the connected lighting.

bio-adaptive lighting

Bio-adaptive lighting


Facilitate better collaboration, help employees concentrate or energize people after lunch. Bio-adaptive lighting uses different color temperature and intensity settings to support employee performance and well-being. Scientifically validated, bio-adaptive lighting helps create a smart office with a clear focus on getting the best out of people.

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  • Interact IoT Platform

    Interact IoT Platform

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    System areas

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