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    Scene management

    Create immersive fan experiences

    Create a stand-out fan experience and sensational TV viewing to promote your stadium as a premium venue. Interact Sports Scene management lets you control your stadium lighting via a single dashboard, manage stadium light shows in the bowl, and adjust pitch and exterior architectural lighting. Flash team colors. Celebrate a home goal. Energize the crowd. And wow your fans.

    Benefits for venue operators 

    An immersive experience from
    entry to exit

    Unify lighting throughout the stadium and enrich the game-day experience beyond the match itself. You can control all stadium lighting — including the pitch, façade and roof lighting — to create unique shows that keep the crowds coming back. 

    Complete control of stadium lighting

    With Scene management, you get a secure and streamlined user dashboard that allows you to personalize unique and dynamic light shows. It’s also compatible with touch panels and other lighting controllers.

    Use light to entertain, inform and advertise 

    Create new entertainment opportunities and generate interest in partner brands, charities or sponsors by integrating your lighting with other entertainment, sound and music systems in the stadium. 

    Generate new revenue streams 

    Scene management creates multipurpose opportunities for your venue, enabling you to generate new revenue streams by hosting different types of sports, entertainment and corporate events throughout the year, and allowing you to offer differentiated advertisement opportunities to sponsors and nurture new share value models.

    Benefits for fans

    Make the stadium an entertainment destination

    Offer fans a unique experience inside the stadium by using lighting to create dynamic entertainment shows, differentiated hospitality areas and a fully immersive fan experience.

    Make the experience memorable

    Wow audiences with dynamic lighting whether they’re attending the event or watching on TV. Heighten emotions with thrilling light shows. Synchronize lights with music, and other visual effects, such as laser shows and projection. Flash team colors when the home team scores.
    See how Interact Sports Scene management uses stadium lighting and integrated stadium systems to create stand-out fan experiences that wow spectators before, during and after the main event.
    Interact Sports Scene management video

    How Scene management works

    Interact Sports Scene management software controls and triggers lighting scenes and effects over the stadium's connected lighting system. Because it uses an open systems approach, the Interact Sports infrastructure is scalable and works with compatible third-party APIs.


    Light settings, including colors and effects, can be stored as presets and activated instantly using the Interact Sports Scene management user interface. Users can customize presets on the fly to ensure maximum operational efficiency.

    Featured case studies

    • A focus on fan experience and new revenue streams – Optus Stadium

      A focus on fan experience and new revenue streams – Optus Stadium

    • Fan experience and easy control – Allianz Stadium

      Fan experience and easy control – Allianz Stadium

    Interact Sports Scene management software brochure

    Learn how Interact Sports Scene management software can help you

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