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    Interact Retail fitting room and selfie station

    Convert shoppers with the right light

    With 60% of purchase decisions being made in the fitting room, the right lighting is essential to influencing the buying process. In terms of square footage, the fitting room is the most valuable space in your store.


    Additionally, shopper behavior is increasingly integrated with the digital world, and fashion blogging is yet another way to get your brand out onto the world. Selfies enable shoppers to connect and express themselves, either in a small way with their friends, or to a larger audience online.


    The right lighting helps people look their best while trying on clothes, as well as when they’re sharing their new look with friends, on a blog, or on social media.


    Influence shoppers’ emotions and behavior

    The buying decision is emotional. Simple lighting-based solutions can make people look good and feel comfortable. And interactive scene setting creates engagement and relevance, directly influencing the buying decision.

    Impact the buying decision to grow sales

    There is a positive correlation between the amount of time shoppers spend in the store and sales, so therefore the right lighting is essential to keep shoppers in your store and engaged. 

    Set the right scene

    Interact Retail fitting room provides soft frontal lighting with scene selections that can be aligned with your brand, the season or the current collection. Shoppers can choose lighting settings that correspond with the various occasions they plan to wear an outfit.

    Build a strong customer-brand attachment

    User-generated content influences the buying decisions of 84% of millennials. What’s more, 56% of online shoppers say that seeing pictures and videos of other shoppers wearing a brand’s products increases their confidence in the brand. 
    Light converts infographic

    Featured customer story

    Case study Light converts

    Light converts

    Connected lighting and Interact Retail aim to Influence shoppers’ emotion in your brick and mortar store. Convert customers with flattering lighting that helps customers feel comfortable and at ease in your store.

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