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    Interact Retail Display 

    Dynamic shop window and display lighting with stopping power

    Research shows that when storefront window lighting changes, shoppers react. According to research, 11% more people stopped at a dynamic window display, and an additional 19% entered the store.

    With only a few seconds to attract the attention of passersby, your shop window display is one of the most important tools for pulling shoppers into your store. And lighting plays a crucial role in attracting and engaging customers before they even cross the threshold. Dynamic lighting scenes can be updated frequently to maintain interest, and the lighting can be changed seasonally or to support an important event. Spotlights draw attention to specific elements of your display to pique curiosity. And with centralized control, you can update your display lighting at any time, from anywhere.


    Improve business outcomes

    By increasing stopping power, you improve the chances that shoppers will enter your store. With additional footfall, your opportunities to make a sale also grow. And by drawing shoppers even further into your store by highlighting certain displays, sales opportunities are even greater.

    Increase brand awareness

    Your shop window is an extension of your brand and your message. Expand the possibilities to communicate your brand clearly and effectively. With dynamic lighting, you can ensure your brand message not only stands out, but keeps customers engaged.

    Keep customers coming back

    Dynamic connected lighting lets you change your lighting scene to coordinate with special events or on the fly to set a specific mood. Keep customers guessing with unique displays that are consistently refreshed.

    Easy to use

    The intuitive mobile app allows visual merchandisers or window designers to easily update the lighting without any expert lighting knowledge. The simple wall-mounted button interface lets the store manager override the shows temporarily. 

    How it works

    We offer multiple ways to control and update your display lighting.

    EasyAim is an app that allows users to move the spotlights using a smartphone or tablet. Simply swipe your finger and the light beam will follow. Adjusting or re-aiming lighting is simple, quick and safe, without needing to climb a ladder.

    Dynamic Display is also an app, but it works with Interact Retail for even greater control over your lighting. From your smartphone, select multiple areas in your store - for instance the shop window display or a promotional island - and edit the light show per area. There are multiple scenes per light show, meaning you can program your lighting to do something different for each of these scenes. Create various shows to suit a special promotion, a holiday or even a current event. Control all via your smartphone or tablet, anytime or anywhere.

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