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    Interact for SMEs

    The smart choice in smart lighting

    Smart lighting allows to automate lighting, personalize light settings and capture data to optimize operations. In this way, it contributes to comfort, wellbeing and productivity in the workplace, all while boosting energy savings and contributing to the achievement of sustainability targets.


    The new Interact Pro system makes it easier than ever to enjoy the benefits of smart lighting.  It's a cost-efficient and wireless solution for every step of your customer's smart lighting journey: starting with just lights and an app, while gaining more benefits by simply adding a gateway. The system is fully scalable, so it's always possible to upgrade later when business requirements change - from smart to super-smart.

    Smart lighting for SME

    Benefits for every business

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    Be the business everyone wants to work for

    Make your team feel happy and energized with comfortable light that is user adjustable
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    Energy and cost

    Sensors and automated lighting can help you save up to 38% energy
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    Further optimize your lighting with the insights from the Interact Pro dashboard
    The Interact Pro system works seamlessly with Philips Interact Ready lamps, luminaires, switches and sensors

    Works anywhere. Period.

    The Interact Pro system works seamlessly with Philips Interact Ready lamps, luminaires, switches and sensors  – there’s almost no limit to the places it can work.


    To see how the Interact Pro system can turn schools into smarter learning environments check out our dedicated ‘Interact Pro for schools’ page.

    From smart lighting to super smart lighting

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    Start simple and lay the foundation with just light points and an app!
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    Scale up by adding a gateway and profit from cloud-based benefits and functionality.
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    Invaluable data helps to make full use of the power of IoT.

    Already more than 2,100 SME’s world-wide are using the Interact Pro system

    Magma office
    Magma offices wanted lighting that underlines their image of sustainability and innovation.
    Witt & Kleyer
    Interact Pro enabled Witt & Kleyer to deliver comfortable light levels to their staff through connected lighting.
    Pelling office
    Pelling office was stunned by how much energy they saved – this project will pay for itself within 2 years.

    A place everyone wants to work

    Connected lighting offers benefits that conventional systems can only dream of. The Interact Pro app lets staff control their own lighting and adjust it to suit their needs. Better working conditions not only improves morale, it improves productivity, as well as making it easier to attract and retain the best employees.
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    smart lighting for SMEs

    Smart lighting for SMEs

    According to IDC’s latest Market Perspective, Signify addresses the needs of end users: “Interact Pro is a potential game changer for the SME market, capable of approaching the needs of distributors, installers and end users,” said Marta Munoz, European Research Director and IoT Practice lead at IDC.

    Want to know what smart lighting can do for you?

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