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    Welcome to connected lighting for a creative workplace

    Magma Work

    Seville, Spain

    Magma Work had one goal: to combine creativity, simplicity, cost savings, sustainability and productivity. All within a single co-working space.

    Interact Pro delivers smart lighting and efficient management of resources. The installation was very fast, and now the overall energy consumption with the new luminaries is exactly the same as one single lamp we used to have.”

    - Carlos Tabasco, Founder, Magma Work

    Customer challenge

    After two years in their co-working building, Magma discovered that their energy consumption was too high and needed to be reduced. Plus, flexibility for workers is at the centre of Magma’s business; so, they needed a lighting solution to match. They wanted to have full control over their lighting levels, being able to adjust them according to the time of day or type of activity. This would allow workers to maximize on comfort and productivity. While enhancing the lighting installation, Magma was keen to avoid disruption to its busy workers. With over 150 light points being replaced, this was no easy task, so installation needed to be smooth and quick.


    Interact Pro software, together with Philips MasterConnect LED tubes, played an important role in transforming Magma into more than just a co-working space. In just four hours – and without the need for extra cabling – the installation was complete. Offering advantages from day one, it introduced flexible lighting to Magma’s workers, while also providing improved energy-efficiency and reducing costs. Workers at Magma can now adjust the light levels in different work areas quickly and efficiently based on pre-programmed functions.


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      A small business gets a connected lighting upgrade

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