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    Interact for schools

    Smart lighting for top class schools

    We believe smart lighting can create a smarter learning environment. Let your staff adjust the classroom lighting to suit the learning task or time of day with the intuitive smart-phone app. Motion sensors and automated lighting schedules help you be more energy and cost efficient, while the Interact Pro dashboard can let you track insights to further optimize your operations and savings. And with the new Interact feature 'Tunable White' your classroom lighting can even stimulate your students beyond illumination to boost focus and general wellbeing. With already more than 3000 projects achieved world-wide, the Interact Pro system is the smart choice for any state-of-the-art and energy-conscious school.
    Interact Pro Smart lighting for top class schools

    Benefits for every school

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    A great learning environment

    Tailor your light to create the right ambience for any task and help boost concentration and focus through Lighting for Wellbeing
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    Energy and
    cost efficient

    Sensors and automated lighting can help you save up to 38% energy
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    Further optimize your school’s lighting with the insights from the Interact Pro dashboard
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    Is your school ready for smart lighting?

    Use our checklist to access your priorities and see how smart lighting can help your school become a smarter learning environment.

    Light can do more than just illuminate a room


    Lighting for Well-being is helping to transform schools into more motivating, productive, and desirable places to be. With the right setup both teachers and students can enjoy increased comfort and productivity while staying more focused and motivated throughout the entire day. Learn more and see why providing natural light in tune with people's biorhythms is the smart choice you'll want to switch to.

    Interact Pro system is fully scalable

    A solution for every need

    The Interact Pro system consists of three tiers: from an easy step into smart lighting to full-fledged benefits of IoT. Each tier provides a best-in-class solution to your current needs. The system is fully scalable, which means you can easily upgrade when requirements change.

    Find out how your school can benefit from the Interact Pro system

    Additional resources

    Interact Pro software and installation

    Interact Pro software and installation

    Find out more about the Interact Pro system, what’s possible with the software, as well as the easy installation and commissioning.
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