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    Smart lighting for smarter spaces

    One system, endless possibilities

    Interact Pro Smart lighting for top class schools

    System components

    Interact Pro gateway
    component gateway

    Interact Pro gateway


    - Connects to lamps, luminaires, switches and sensors via Zigbee and the internet via ethernet or cellular connection

    - Future-proof the building thanks to automatic over the air feature and security updates

    - Unlocks additional features on monitoring and maintenance of the building, visible via the Interact Pro web portal 

    - Up to 200 light points per gateway possible

    Interact Pro app
    interact pro app

    Interact Pro app


    - Easy setup of the lighting system in multiple buildings

    - Fast commissioning via Bluetooth

    - Flexible system, allowing one or multiple users to install and set up the system

    - Adjust and automate light settings easily

    - Back-up of project data in cloud

    Interact Pro web Portal
    Interact pro web portal

    Interact Pro web Portal


    - The Interact Pro web portal is the management hub for all of your lighting installations

    - Easy access via desktop or laptop

    - Prepare projects offline before commissioning

    - Detailed reports on energy usage quick overview on device health

    Interact Ready devices
    Interact ready device

    Interact Ready devices  


    - Wide range of high-quality Philips LED lamps, luminaires, sensors and switches

    - Easy connection with DALI luminaires via kit

    - Enabled with integrated as well as external wireless sensors

    - Hassle-free, wireless installation, no extra cabling or drilling required making it ideal for both new installations and renovations

    - Always the right solution for various application areas and project requirements

    Interact Pro features

    Setup & comissioning

    Bluetooth based setup

    Easy commissioning, thanks to bluetooth setup using smartphone app.


    Multiple installers per project

    Faster realization with multiple installers working simultaneously on a single project.


    Off-site-project preparation 

    Prepare projects beforehand to save time on-site. Possible via both Interact Pro app and web portal.


    Adapt to any space 

    Detailed lighting settings like switch on and off behaviour, timings and lighting levels allow to perfectly adapt the system to any space.


    Motion sensing 

    helps conserve energy by activating lights only when in use.


    Daylight harvesting

    uses sensor data to automatically dim the lights when enough sunlight is iluminating a room.


    Wireless switches 

    can be installed anywhere to make control of the lighting system more accessible to users.

    component gateway

    Scene support  

    Easily create custom scenes and recall them using wireless switches or app.


    Organize your lights 

    Arrange your building lights in networks (e.g. floor level). Achieve granular control by dividing further in groups (e.g. room) & zones (e.g. window areas).

    icon Turnable white.

    Tunable White1

    Set the default colour temperature for your lights or manually control it using wireless switches.

    Unlock more features with the Interact Pro gateway

    App Control

    App control  

    Grant users access to customize the lights around them to their preferences.

    cene scheduling

    Scene scheduling

    Automatically cycle through up to 16 scenes per day. These schedules repeat daily.

    remote control

    Remotely control the lights

    Remotely turn the lights on, off, or activate a scene via the Interact Pro app or web portal.

    Monitoring and support
    automatic backup

    Cloud backup 

    All project information is securely stored in the cloud to ensure that data is never lost.

    multiple installers

    Regular app updates

    Our team is continuously working to enhance the user experience and bring new features to the system.


    Get support

    The in-app chatbot Bulbi is here to help you 24/7: visit it for instant troubleshooting.

    Unlock more features with the Interact Pro gateway

    remote diagnostics

    Remote diagnostics 

    Know about devices nearing end of lifetime based on burning hours and potential failures at project and light level to improve servicing of the building. 

    energy reposting

    Energy reposting 

    Up to 12 months of detailed  energy consumption reportings available and exportable in .csv format.

    over the air cora

    Over-the-air upgrades

    Automatic feature and security upgrades happen in the background with minimal impact on building operations.

    component gateway

    It wouldn't be smart if it weren't secure

    With Interact Pro, system security is addressed end-to-end, from the cloud platform to in-transit data and down to wireless devices. This increases data confidentiality, integrity and availability. All traffic between the cloud platform and the lighting network is encrypted using the TLS 1.2 protocol. Our wireless lights communicate by means of a wireless Zigbee network, which uses a 128-bit AES encryption. Communications with the smartphone app use the wireless Bluetooth Low Energy protocol based on 256-bit AES encryption.


    We are also the first lighting company to certify their development lifecycle process against IEC62443-4-1, the international standard for security of industrial control systems and operational technology and our cloud solutions are certified ISO27001, a reputed international standard for information security.

    Great projects deserve great hardware

    Do you have questions or inquiries about the Interact Pro system?

    Explore the possibilities with Interact Pro 

    interact pro

    Interact Pro overview


    Learn more about smart benefits for you and your customers and read inspiring case studies.


    Seriously simple to install


    Wireless system: No wiring. No drilling. No additional connector placements required. Commissioned in no time via the intuitive Interact Pro app. Read for yourself how easy smart can be.

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