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    The buying decision is all about emotion

    Convert your shopper with lighting

    Emotion plays a huge role in purchasing decisions, especially for people who love shopping and see it as a fun day out. It’s therefore important to make people look good and feel comfortable when they try on clothes in the fitting room. And a differentiated experience at the point of sale will help your brand stand out and stimulate return visits.

    95% of our purchase decisions take place unconsciously.”

    - Professor Gerarld Zaltman, Harvard Business School

    Customer Challenge

    The fitting room is the place where 60% of women make their buying decisions.* In terms of square meters, it represents the most valuable space in your store. At the same time, many customers are not happy about the experience they have in the changing area. And these experiences are often shared online by shoppers and bloggers.


    *House of Fraser

    Our Solution 

    Fitting room
    Traditional ‘top-down’ lighting creates unflattering shadows on people’s faces and bodies, emphasizing every lump and bump. It’s much more flattering to use diffused lighting from the front. It makes people look better, while keeping a natural ambiance.

    With Interact Retail you can also take advantage of scene selection. How will a particular dress look, for instance, at a wedding or the office? How will you look in this ‘athleisure’ outfit in the gym or in daylight? Our technology allows customers to see how an outfit would appear at a certain time of day or in a specific light setting.


    Gentle message

    Nowadays, digital screens are commonly found in fashion stores. The technology grabs people’s attention immediately. However, in areas where people spend some time — the cash register or a lounge area, for instance — digital screens are often perceived as loud and harsh. For these areas, we have an elegant solution that “whispers” rather than “shouts”. Soft content on fabric-covered panels provides a comfortable atmosphere. And combined with digital projection, it creates a gentle communication that is elegant and relaxed.


    Real-world success — how it works in practice

    Dutch lingerie retailer Livera makes use of our fitting room concept to present clothes in the best possible way. Customers are able to use three different lighting settings and the business estimates a sales increase of between 10 and 15% as a result. Polish fashion chain Top Secret also reports 15% sales increase after using our fitting room lighting.


    Download case study

    What can Interact Retail do for your store?

    • Light engages – encourage people to stay, and buy

      Light engages – encourage people to stay, and buy

      Engage with customers in your store with lighting that stimulates the senses. The longer customers stay in your store, the more they are likely to buy.

    • Light attracts - bring more people into your store

      Light attracts - bring more people into your store

      Interact Retail aims to influence your shoppers’ emotions and behavior. This is done by creating dynamic lighting scenes that change frequently with the season, collection, or throughout the day.

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