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    The longer people stay, the more they buy

    Engage people with lighting 

    Shoppers go to physical stores for experiences that stimulate the senses and combine elements of surprise with something recognizable.

    The overall design brief always includes special attention to lighting as this has a profound effect on the mood of the store.”

    - Mark Valerlo, Head of Store Design, Ted Baker 

    Customer Challenge

    Although online shopping is now well established, research shows that millennials actually still prefer to buy in a physical store. But a more engaging and stimulating store experience is critical. How can brick-and-mortar retailers differentiate themselves through experiences and integrate the online world of shoppers into their store?


    Interact Retail aims to influence your shoppers’ emotions and behavior. We do this by creating dynamic lighting that can vary seasonally, with collection changes or throughout the day. Our connected lighting increases brightness and contrast in your store and brings out the best in the colors and textures of your collection, helping you to attract, engage and convert your customers.

    Maximizing impact of your product displays

    Your collection changes constantly. Frequent updates of your product displays are therefore essential, as shoppers are expecting to find something new every time they visit. Create the maximum impact by using the best quality of light: Philips Fashion Proof Optics and LED flavors will give you higher contrasts, more vibrant colors and textures. Thanks to Interact Retail software, you can make displays stand out even more by adding dynamic and colored lighting. What’s more, Interact Retail Scene management makes it easy to design and control the light settings and dynamic scenes.


    The power of motion

    Humans are hardwired to notice motion. Movement has an immediate impact on our attention. That’s why our dynamic lighting has such a powerful effect on shoppers. The figures speak for themselves: in Eral 55 — a high-end clothing store in Milan, Italy, we increased stopping power by 11% and footfall by 19% using a dynamic LED lighting solution controlled by Interact Retail software.

    The power of matching brand identity to store design
    Combine store design with the power of Interact Retail lighting and controls to express your brand identity. Customizable and fully controllable lighting can be used to create your own unique light signature. Bershka integrated customized luminaires and ceiling panels to reflect their world of Rock ’n’ Roll. The solution is integrated to the central store management system — lighting scenes can be controlled from a touch panel in-store.


    Engaging social media users

    Millennial culture has connected fashion directly to social media. In fact, 84% of millennials say that their buying decisions are influenced by content they see on social networks and messaging apps. European retailer C&A installed a selfie station in six fitting room areas, creating a unique lighting stage for photographs. With up to 200 shoppers per day using the selfie station*, it is a concept that has a lot of potential. Are you ready to turn your shoppers into online promoters?


    Real-world success — how it works in practice

    Our LED flavors are such an improvement on industry-standard CRI-90 products that they are incorporated into almost all our projects. You’ll find them supporting displays in Bershka (ES), Deichmann (DE) and House of Fraser (UK). One of our most recognizable success stories is the implementation of Philips OneSpace ceiling panels in all Bershka stores worldwide. Soft, diffused light panels enhance the store identity and create a unique shopping experience.


    *Selfie stations are a new concept for C&A; their first installation is in Germany.


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    What can Interact Retail do for your store?

    • Light converts - The buying decision is all about emotion

      Light converts - The buying decision is all about emotion

      Connected lighting and Interact Retail aim to Influence shoppers’ emotion in your brick and mortar store. Convert customers with flattering lighting that helps customers feel comfortable and at ease in your store.

    • Light attracts - bring more people into your store

      Light attracts - bring more people into your store

      Interact Retail aims to influence your shoppers’ emotions and behavior. This is done by creating dynamic lighting scenes that change frequently with the season, collection, or throughout the day.

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