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    Draw more people to your store

    Attract shoppers with lighting

    Want to create stopping power that draws shoppers into your store? Interact Retail increases the visual impact of the store entrance and product displays for an engaging experience.

    The shop window is the store’s business card. Light is fundamental to me. I am convinced that light can change the perception of the content.”

    - Ermanno Lazzarin, Owner Eral 55

    Milan, Italy

    Customer challenge

    You have only a few seconds to attract a shopper’s attention. And it’s no surprise that most brands change their windows and displays every 2-4 weeks to keep shoppers interested and wanting to come back. Lighting has a crucial role to play in attracting and engaging customers before they even enter your store. Interact Retail aims to influence your shoppers’ emotions and behavior. This is done by creating dynamic lighting scenes that can be updated frequently, with the season, collection, or throughout the day. Our connected lighting increases brightness and contrast in your store and brings out the best in the colors and textures of your collection. Helping you to attract, engage and convert your customers.

    Our solution

    The power of contrast

    It all starts with making your store window look more attractive. Philips Fashion Proof Optics create 30% higher light levels and double the contrast, which is a great step in countering window reflections and creating attractive contrasts. With our Interact Retail Scene management, you can wirelessly aim and re-aim spots. Not only is it intuitive and user friendly, but it also promotes greater workplace safety. Even with high ceilings, changing your lighting is a ladder-free, one-person job.


    The power of motion

    Humans are hardwired to notice motion. Movement has an immediate impact on our attention. That’s why our dynamic lighting has such a powerful effect on shoppers. The figures speak for themselves: in Eral 55 — a high-end clothing store in Milan, Italy, we increased stopping power by 11% and footfall by 19% using a dynamic LED lighting solution controlled by Interact Retail software.



    Create a welcoming entrance

    By raising the light levels, you can make dark and uninviting entrances a thing of the past. Philips Fashion Proof Optics keep energy usage to a minimum by focusing the light on the product displays without any spilling to the floor. OneSpace luminous ceiling panels can also raise the light levels, while adding an elegant visual skylight effect that can be tuned from warm to cool white. Both options create a welcoming effect to draw in passers-by. With Interact Retail software, you can optimize the contrast depending on time of day, conserving energy when lower contrast levels are needed. You can also tune the white color of the OneSpace ceiling panel to create maximum impact.


    Real-world success — how it works in practice

    Boutique store Eral 55 in Milan, Italy, installed our dynamic lighting in the shop window. Independent research showed that the effect of dynamic lighting was an 11% increase in stopping power and a 19% increase in footfall.

    Download case study

    What can Interact Retail do for your store?

    • Light converts - The buying decision is all about emotion

      Light converts - The buying decision is all about emotion

      Connected lighting and Interact Retail aim to Influence shoppers’ emotion in your brick and mortar store. Convert customers with flattering lighting that helps customers feel comfortable and at ease in your store.

    • Light engages – encourage people to stay, and buy

      Light engages – encourage people to stay, and buy

      Engage with customers in your store with lighting that stimulates the senses. The longer customers stay in your store, the more they are likely to buy.

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