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    Social impact app

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    How well does your lighting installation attract and engage visitors?

    Measure the impact of architectural lighting with Interact Landmark’s Social impact app. Monitor site-specific information from the web, view lighting-relevant social media posts and gain insight into what visitors think and feel – all via an easy-to-use dashboard.


    Know the level of engagement

    Monitor the frequency of mentions related to specific sites, light shows or the celebration of popular events.

    Understand how people feel 

    Learn the main topics being discussed, the sentiment and emotion of the posts, and who is influencing the discussion.

    Gain meaningful insights

    Collect, aggregate and display real-time information using different data views on the dashboard to provide meaningful insights. Artificial intelligence provides insights into peak mentions.

    Increase citizen engagement 

    Use the data and analytics provided by the Social impact app to track citizen engagement of your site and the impact of targeted marketing campaigns or specific lighting shows or events.

    Software highlights


    A real-time, site-specific dashboard that enables you to monitor, measure and perform analytics for your site.

    Lighting-specific posts

    Signify’s proprietary filtering allows you to distill lighting-relevant posts to better understand the impact from lighting.

    Live data from across the web

    Provides over 180 data sources, including all major social media channels, news outlets, blogs, RSS feeds, and more. Collects data in over 26 languages.

    Reports and notifications

    Includes features such as publishing regular summary reports and email alerts to notify you when key words of interest are posted.

    How the Social impact app works

    Interact Landmark's Social impact app crawls websites and listens for relevant, site-specific information that is publicly available, then collects, aggregates and displays real-time information using different data views on the dashboard to provide meaningful insights. The platform also provides a powerful range of tools for performing additional analytics.

    The app makes it easy to monitor, measure and analyze the impact lighting installations have on citizens and visitors.

    Measure the impact in real-time

    The app provides access to a variety of tools and analytics features so you can stay on top of the data with different dashboard views.
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