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    Szczecin is greener with connected LED lighting



    Sodium street lights were removed from the center of Szczecin, Poland and replaced with energy-efficient LED lighting. In total, almost 5,000 Philips Luma LED luminaires were installed, 1,888 of which are managed by Interact City Lighting asset management and Scene management software.

    Interact City provides a high level of flexibility to meet the different lighting needs in our city at any time.”

    - Radoslaw Tumielewicz, Director of Roads and Transport Authority, Szczecin

    Customer Challenge

    Szczecin aims to be an attractive city for investors and tourists, as well as a safe and friendly city for its citizens.


    To enhance its attractiveness and competitiveness, the city’s municipal authorities raised funding under the energy-efficient street lighting priority program of the Green Investment Scheme (GIS) in Poland, aimed at replacing existing street lighting with a modern, eco-friendly, and economical system. 

    Hassle-free connected lighting 

    Szczecin is the seventh most populous city in Poland, with over 400,000 residents. A center of the country’s maritime economy, the north western city handles shipping from around the world. Because the downtown area is filled with greenery and rivers, Szczecin is nicknamed the ‘Floating Garden’ and it wants to build on its reputation as an attractive place for investors and tourists, as well as a safe and friendly city for its citizens.


    Energy-efficient LED luminaires, combined with Interact City software, were selected for the project. With centralized communication and control of individual light points, the network was transformed into a smart lighting system. With Interact City Scene management, individual luminaires can be switched on and off, or dimmed to a specific lighting level, on an ad hoc basis, or according to a daily or seasonal calendar.

    Interact City lighting asset management software delivers valuable information on each luminaire’s status and energy use, while automatically sending fault notifications in case of an outage. Altogether, the connected street lighting system provides cost savings of up to 70%, contributing significantly to Szczecin’s smart city approach. With no expensive ‘scouting’ for luminaire outages, both energy and maintenance costs are significantly reduced, improving the overall management of the city’s lighting. If luminaires do fail, the maintenance crews can be notified immediately, improving efficiency as well as lighting standards.

    What can Interact City do for your streets?

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