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    Port of Bilbao

    Port of Bilbao


    The Port of Bilbao is one of the most important transport and logistics centers in the European Atlantic Arc. The port is an important entry point for cargo and cruise ships, and provides a railway connection to its dry dock network.

    Customer challenge

    To maintain its important role and establish itself as an innovator among ports, the Port of Bilbao embarked on an extensive renovation project. One of the key goals for the project was to modernize the existing lighting in order to reduce energy costs and make lighting management easier. Additionally, the port wanted to improve visibility and create lighting uniformity to increase the feeling of safety for workers and visitors.


    Impressed by the lighting installation they had seen at the Ports of Tenerife, the Port Authority of Bilbao was confident about the benefits of connected LED lighting controlled and managed by Interact City software. The lighting installation at the Port of Bilbao includes more than 1,000 Philips ClearFlood LED floodlights, 540W and 270W LED floodlight with 60 degrees of asymmetry, to avoid light pollution, all connected to  Interact City Lighting asset management software. The software enables single and group control of all connected light points, which can be managed and controlled remotely using a single intuitive dashboard. Interact City Lighting asset management software allows the Port Authority to control and manage lighting at the port, as well as on the railway platform and the dry dock.


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