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    Ribeira at the cutting edge of connected LED lighting



    The Ribeira Council in Spain replaced around 8,600 urban light points with LED luminaires, 6,500 of which are controlled and managed via Interact City, putting Ribeira at the cutting edge of public lighting in Europe.

    The investment in Interact City was spurred by the technological capabilities of the system. It’s an innovative tool with a lot of potential to integrate new services. It’s also scalable and can help a city become 'smart'.”

    - Alejandro García Sendón, Technical and Energy Services Coordinator of Ferrovial Servicios for the north of Spain

    Customer Challenge

    Ribeira’s Municipal Corporation had two major objectives: to improve energy efficiency and to create well-lit spaces so people feel safer at night. To achieve this, they needed to renew an urban lighting network comprising over 8,600 light points. The new connected LED luminaires are controlled and managed by Interact City software. By reducing energy consumption and streamlining maintence, the city can invest cost savings in other areas of their smart city project.

    Hassle-free connected lighting 

    “One of the great things about Interact City  is how much time and hassle it saves. Because it’s a plug-and-play system, the set-up is so quick and easy. Commissioning is taken care of automatically – all it takes is one click,” says Jose da Torre, Maintenance and Works Manager for Ribeira Ferrovial Servicios.


    With Interact City Lighitng asset management, as soon as the luminaire connects to Interact City, it’s ready for operation, with all the data from the road lighting automatically appearing on an easy-to-use interface. The luminaire immediately begins relaying performance data, including lighting levels and energy consumption.


    With Interact City Scene management, luminaires can be controlled individually or in groups, either in near realime or pre-scheduled. This way, varying light levels can be delivered throughout the city, depending on need.  


    “Interact City makes managing lighting much easier,” adds da Torre. “We can experiment with the lighting until we get the right level for each environment. And if there’s an incident, we can adjust the lighting immediately.”


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    What can Interact City do for your streets?

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      A brighter future with connected LED lighting - Port of Bilbao

      The Port of Bilbao is one of the most important transport and logistics centers in the European Atlantic Arc and recently upgraded its lighting to LED, managed and controlled by Interact City software.

    • Three islands, one connected LED lighting system

      Three islands, one connected LED lighting system

      The Port Authority of Tenerife, El Hierro and La Gomera have been using the Interact City connected LED lighting system to improve efficiency, reduce their carbon footprint and provide better service to users.

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