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    Next-level stadium lighting

    Orange Velodrome Stadium

    Marseilles, France

    Interact Sports created an immersive experience in the largest 100% LED stadium in France.

    Coupled with the new sound system, Interact Sports delivers an unforgettable match experience, bringing immersion, resonance, thrill and pride.”

    - Thierry Aldebert, Deputy General Manager, Olympique de Marseille

    Customer challenge

    The Orange Velodrome stadium, home to legendary Olympique de Marseille, has a capacity of 67,000 seats. In order to stand out, the stadium needed to deliver a showstopping, unforgettable fan experience that would help them carve out a solid reputation. What’s more, they required a lighting solution that could be adjusted to cater to different sports and entertainment events.


    With Interact Sports, the Orange Velodrome is now a multi-purpose venue that can generate new revenue streams while hosting all kinds of events. Taking the fan experience to the next level, the connected lighting synchronizes with the sound system, providing unique light shows set to music. The software is controlled via a single dashboard, enabling greater flexibility when managing different lighting scenes. Philips ArenaVision LEDs were installed in the stands and on the field, meeting the latest standards of international sports federations and broadcasters. The luminaires also deliver best-in-class field of play lighting. Without flickering, the LED technology allows fans watching at home to follow all details of the game in high definition.


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    What can Interact Sports do for your stadium?

    • Connected lighting impresses fans at Toyota Stadium

      Connected lighting impresses fans at Toyota Stadium

      554 lighting units were upgraded to connected LED lighting at Toyota Stadium, which hosts the games of Japan's national soccer team. Interact Sports now facilitates highly entertaining experiences.

    • Smart stadium lighting – Atletico Madrid

      Smart stadium lighting – Atletico Madrid

      Atletico Madrid and Wanda Metropolitano wanted to create an immersive fan experience with connected LED lighting enabled by Interact Sports software.

    • A focus on fan experience and new revenue streams – Optus Stadium

      A focus on fan experience and new revenue streams – Optus Stadium

      With the goal of creating the ultimate fan experience, the recent all-LED lighting and Interact Sports software at Optus Stadium makes it the premier multipurpose venue in the Southern Hemisphere.

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