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    An impressive experience created by connected lighting and robotic measurement

    Toyota Stadium

    Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture


    An international sports arena that is home to Nagoya Grampus Eight, the Toyota Stadium can host up to 45,000 spectators, all while providing them with an impressive and immersive experience.

    I felt the positive response from the fans that I had never experienced before.”

    - Kazutoshi Saito, Toyota Systems Co., Ltd. Management Division Facilities, Management Group Section Chief

    Customer challenge


    The Toyota Stadium’s goal was to provide an immersive bowl lighting experience for its fans through connected lighting, as well as ensuring the stadium could be truly multi-purpose by hosting a wide range of events. Plus, it was important that the new lighting met strict broadcasting standards, so that people at home could see each and every detail, while fully experiencing the buzz of the pitch.


    By using the latest illumination software technology, we were able to provide a precise lighting experience. Our digital aiming tool – used to adjust illumination angles – successfully cuts down work time by around half when compared with conventional methods. And instead of workers spending time measuring light levels on each pitch with a photometer, a high-tech robot does the work instead, which improves accuracy. What’s more, this helps shorten installation time.


    The combination of our Interact Sports system with the best quality of light ensures that the stadium now complies with the highest national and international sports broadcasting standards. After all, the highquality, flicker-free lighting helped the Toyota Stadium secure the world’s biggest rugby tournament in 2019.


    Controlled and monitored by Interact Sports software, the highly uniform LED lighting not only brings professional sports matches to life, but also helps provide other entertainment opportunities. It also offers individual illumination controls to amaze spectators with enriched dynamic displays of light and color.

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