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    Smart lighting for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

    Smart lighting for SME

    Voorschoten, Netherlands

    Freek van Os opts for sustainability and easy installation

    We want to lead the way in sustainability. That is why we opted for intelligent Interact Pro lighting. The lighting is now automatically switched on and off thanks to sensors, and our energy consumption is fully transparent. This way we save up to 60% on our energy bill and we involve employees in making progress towards our sustainability goals.”

    - Harm van Os, Managing Director Freek van Os

    Customer challenge


    Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for the customers of installation company Freek van Os. To better help its customers, the company feels it is important to set the example and be at the forefront of energy-efficient solutions. The relocation to new premises brought plenty of opportunities to realize sustainability ambitions. Colleague Installation company Jack van der Meij recommended using Interact Pro.

    Interact Pro – Connected lighting software for SMEs

    With the Interact Pro app, we bring wireless connected lighting within reach of small and medium-sized enterprises. The app is easy to set up by installers and provides personal comfort to employees.

    The Interact Pro gateway connects the luminaires and sensors wirelessly. Different light groups, lighting scenes and time circuits can then be created via the app.
    At Freek van Os you won't find a single light switch. With help of Interact Pro, Freek van Os now saves up to 60% on its total energy costs.

    What can Interact Pro do for your space?

    • Magma Work in Seville, Spain, welcomes connected lighting

      Magma Work in Seville, Spain, welcomes connected lighting

      Magma Work had one goal with the help of Interact Pro: combine cost savings, sustainability and productivity with the support of connected lighting.

    • Smart lighting for smart SMEs at Nologin, Zaragoza

      Smart lighting for smart SMEs at Nologin, Zaragoza

      Nologin’s office in Zaragoza, Spain, installed Interact Pro software for smart lighting that would both save energy and reduce costs.

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