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    Light up new brand experiences 

    Is your store ready for the future?

    Interact Retail Scene management for fashion helps influence shoppers’ emotions and behavior to improve engagement with your brand. Software enables dynamic lighting effects and different scenes to create the right mood. An easy to use app allows you to change settings quickly and easily in line with the season, collection or even time of day. High quality fashion LED allows for strong accent lighting, contrasts and emphasis of certain areas or displays.


    Increase store traffic

    With the growth of online shopping, brick and mortar stores need to appeal to shoppers on an emotional level and offer a differentiated experience. Dynamic lighting with higher contrasts and movement creates stopping power, makes your brand stand out and pulls customers into your store. The combination with Philips Fashion Proof Optics is ideal, as it increases beam intensity by 30%, doubles the contrast and enables smaller beam angles.

    Keep shoppers coming back 

    Keep your store fresh and interesting by changing the lighting regularly and for every new collection. Interact Retail Scene management software lets you easily change lighting scenes and settings without staff having to go up ladders and adjust lighting manually. Use lighting to create zones, highlight displays and engage shoppers in promotions and in-store events. With LED flavors bringing out the best in your fabrics and colors.

    Communicate your brand 

    Much of how your customer perceives your brand in the store is subconscious. Use light to set a scene, create a mood or give context to your product displays. Integrate lighting scenes with music and other sensory elements like scents to create a unique brand experience. Engage shoppers and turn them into online promoters by creating a setting with perfect lighting for in-store selfies. 

    Help shoppers make the right decision 

    Purchase decisions are almost always based on emotion, with 60% of women making their buying decision in the fitting room*. Therefore uniform, flattering lighting at this stage of the purchase decision will support sales. Use dynamic light settings to enable the customer to set the scene that matches their clothing choice: natural daylight for casual clothing, indoor lighting for a work outfit and party lighting for an evening dress.

    How Scene management works

    Scene management is simple, flexible and scalable software that automates lighting management in your store. It allows retail staff to manage and change light with their mobile phones or tablets. 

    1. User-friendly mobile apps enable staff to create and edit lighting dynamics, pre-set schedules, as well as direct individual lights without climbing a ladder
    2. The mobile apps also allow you to easily commission a fully installed and working lighting system without the need to hire additional lighting or display experts
    3. The software enables you to manage and monitor the lighting remotely as well as collect data on lighting performance to improve operations and maintenance

    Open APIs

    The use of open APIs mean that Scene management functionality can be easily integrated with store IT systems if desired.

    Simple and secure user interface

    An intuitive and easy-to-use interface enables any staff member to manage store lighting without specialist lighting skills. In-app access rights and permissions enable you to manage access to different functionality at all levels of the application.

    Featured case studies

    • Light attracts - bring more people into your store

      Light attracts - bring more people into your store

    • Light engages – encourage people to stay, and buy

      Light engages – encourage people to stay, and buy

    • Light converts - The buying decision is all about emotion

      Light converts - The buying decision is all about emotion

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