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    Future-ready your facility

    Create a safer, more productive working environment for your workers with Interact connected lighting. Manage your lighting system assets, monitor performance and energy usage, and plan preventive maintenance to ensure system uptime and enhance workplace safely. Optimize stocking and order picking with detailed occupancy and activity data. Set dimming schedules to minimize lighting usage in unoccupied areas, moving you closer to your sustainability goals.
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    Connectivity = efficiency

    Warehouses and manufacturing facilities are more important than ever, with e-commerce demand rising each year. Your operations need to become smarter and more efficient, and connected lighting can help. Perform accurate and frequent stock analyses, increase the efficiency of order picking, and gain insight into how your space is being used. Improve safety, recover quickly from faults, and even perform preventive maintenance.
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    Scale up as you need to

    Switching to connected LED lighting is a sure way to reduce energy consumption instantly. But why stop there when so much more is possible? With Interact, you can scale up your capabilities as and when your business demands change. Start by installing energy-efficient, top-class connected LED luminaires to get all the illumination benefits from day one, then add advanced and data-driven capabilities whenever you need them.
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    Integrate for more benefits

    An ecosystem approach is the most effective way to realize the full potential of a smart facility. Published APIs and an open systems approach allow you to integrate Interact with other service systems such as HVAC and emergency, as well as with building automation and control systems such as BACnet. By sharing data and commands, connected lighting can become a key component of your smart facility.

    What you can do with Interact

    Lighting asset management icon

    Lighting asset management

    • Immediately respond to faults with a remote diagnostics dashboard
    • Perform preventive maintenance based on luminaire lifetime data
    • Automatically receive firmware and software updates
    Lighting management icon

    Lighting management

    • Comprehensively manage lighting across all of your sites
    • Optimize lighting operations remotely
    • Create a smart ecosystem by integrating lighting with other connected services
    Scene management icon

    Scene management

    • Deliver the right light at the right time, ensuring worker safety
    • Set precise lighting schedules to support a variety of tasks
    • Dim lighting when not needed to move toward your sustainability goals
    Energy optimization icon

    Energy optimization

    • Monitor energy usage across all your facilities
    • Achieve energy savings of up to 80% with managed LED lighting
    • Compare sites to benchmark usage and identify saving opportunities
    Indoor navigation

    Indoor navigation 

    • Use data to plan and streamline activity schedules
    • Help employees find stock items more quickly
    • Combat overcrowding and better understand staff behavior
    Space management icon

    Space management

    • Perform more accurate stocking analysis with no downtime
    • Analyze space usage data to adjust inventory strategy
    • Improve productivity with heat map visualizations of your space

    Discover how you can create value with Interact

    • Delivering more than just light to Pilkington Automotive’s new warehouse

      Delivering more than just light to Pilkington Automotive’s new warehouse

      Interact Industry delivers smart lighting to help optimize Pilkington Automotive’s new warehouse facility.

    • With IoT, warehouse efficiency is as easy as ABC

      With IoT, warehouse efficiency is as easy as ABC

      Warehouse efficiency is more crucial than ever in the COVID-19 era. ABC analysis is effective for boosting warehouse productivity, and IoT can help.

    • The connected warehouse is digitalized

      The connected warehouse is digitalized

      Part 1 of a three-part series investigates how connected systems help warehouses cope with an increasingly digital future.

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